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Success stories in the Blockchain world: Consensys


In this edition of “Success stories in the Blockchain world”, we will talk about a company in the industry: Consensys.

Consensys is a blockchain company with global reach, whose goal is to provide solutions using this technology. Its target audience is both large companies and startups. It is also aimed at developers and those who want to come up with tools to educate about the industry.

This company was founded in 2014 with the vision of growing the Ethereum community in a more robust system, made up of both people and products.

Since that time, Consensys has sought to be one of the sources of constant training within the industry. A platform where developers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, security experts, etc., are working together to achieve a decentralized future.

Currently, Consensys has a presence in more than 30 countries worldwide. And in each of those territories the company is helping developers, NGOs, transnationals, and others, to launch Blockchain solutions.

But these projects in particular are characterized by trying to optimize workflows, secure IT infrastructure (Information Technology), unlock new business models and establish a new standard of trust. In other words, make people’s lives easier.

Blockchain solutions that are generating a global impact

Consensys, being a company dedicated to the blockchain, has several programs that execute specific tasks within the ecosystem. And they respond to the different needs of their customers.

Due to the great diversity of clients that the platform has, it is to be expected that it has a large number of programs to meet and respond to their needs. However, here we will talk about the most prominent.

Alethio It is one of those products. It is responsible for monitoring and synthesizing data in the chain in real time. This is possible if Alethio’s Blockchain analysis and visualization platform is used.

Codefi It works to optimize the business process, activate digital financial instruments and implement Blockchain solutions ready for production.

Dilution allows Consensys users to request an audit of an intelligent contract from the security team. This in case you have doubts about its reliability.

Infura It seeks that the user can develop decentralized applications using its world class infrastructure. It has instant and scalable API access to the Ethereum and IPFS networks.

Mythx It is responsible for covering the issues related to the security of the smart contract. With this solution, you can increase security and avoid mistakes that can be quite costly.

PegaSys seeks to facilitate its customers the creation of business solutions based on the blockchain.

Consensys success

Consensys is one of the most influential companies in the industry, especially when it comes to issues related to the Ethereum blockchain.

Therefore, it is normal to be associated with headlines related to ETH. However, its impact goes much further.

Being one of the consolidated Blockchain companies that generate the most confidence, they have accumulated a large number of renowned clients. Among them we can mention Amazon, WWF, P&G and even the European Commission.

Therefore, it can be ensured that this company represents one of the success stories within the blockchain world.

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