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Success stories in the Blockchain world: Salesforce


In this edition of “Success stories in the Blockchain world”, we will talk about Salesforce.

Salesforce is an American software company that in recent years has been gaining greater popularity. Although internationally its name is not as well known as that of IBM or Microsoft, every day it gains even more recognition worldwide. That is why, sooner rather than later, it will be as well known as the other two technology companies.

In addition, you are one of the few who benefited from Salesforce, thanks to its CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This is a strategy used to handle interactions between customers and potential customers. The point is to create fewer barriers in customer relationships; if not rather that the deal is as direct as possible.

With this idea in mind, Salesforce and its various cloud services were created, each one aimed at a specific sector (market, services, industries, etc.). This allows the company to cover more specific areas, improving the quality of its services.

It is important to remember that Salesforce was designed as a platform for small businesses. That is, their goal is to help small entrepreneurs grow their businesses using technology. And so far, it has worked, benefiting a large number of companies.

Blockchain is here to stay

But, despite the success the company was having, he realized that it was not enough. With companies that operate in the technological area, innovation must be a constant element. Otherwise, they are no longer competitive and, little by little, they are displaced from the market.

In addition, another fundamental element that has to do with innovation is to understand that this must be a quick process. Since nothing is worth innovating if you are the last to do so, because the competition already has a considerably difficult advantage to close.

For that reason companies like Salesforce must be extremely attentive when new technologies such as Blockchain reach the market. And they should have the ability to read if this technology will be useful.

At first, many companies discarded the idea of ​​working with Blockchain because they could not separate the Bitcoin blockchain and the other cryptocurrencies. However, once it was understood that this technology had a potential that went far beyond digital currencies, its adoption in different industries began to be seen.

Already the blockchain was not necessarily a synonym for cryptocurrencies, but it had become something much bigger. Now technology was being used in the financial, educational and even health sectors.

And Salesforce didn’t want to stay out of this great movement. Therefore, he created his own Blockchain division on the platform. What, in fact, helped in his ideal of making communications between business – client much more direct.

The company offers four main services with Blockchain. Is he Blockchain builder, which allows you to create simple networks of block chains and apps in a few steps. The Blockchain connect, which allows you to work with data using this technology. There is also the Blockchain Engage, which is based on increasing the adoption of your network using attractive partners. And finally, Blockchain Platform as a Service, which works to improve the scalability and security of your project.

Success stories

For Salesforce, the main success stories have to do with the various collaborations it has made with large companies in the industry. Of all, they highlight their collaborations with Microsoft, one of the leading companies in the market.

In addition, he has also made contributions with other large technology companies, such as a recent one he made with Samsung.

And as for the services he has provided, he highlights that the famous car brand, Lamborghini, decided to use the Salesforce Blockchain to ensure the authenticity of its vehicles.

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