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Technology has empowered people- TREND CRYPT


The Coronavirus is upsetting everything. It is not only the very serious health crisis, with its unfortunate balance of victims. Given that I know it is compounded by a political, economic and social crisis that threatens to change our world forever. And in the midst of this crisis, technology has empowered the population, playing a fundamental role as a means of expression for it, as Anthony Pompliano says in our Tweet of today:

Technology has empowered our societies

These are difficult times for all countries in the world. Well, as the COVID-19 crisis expands and accelerates, the nations of the world are in trouble to face the consequences that the Coronavirus brings. Not only in terms of regrettable human victims, but also in terms of economic crisis and social tensions.

And to realize this, just look at the latest actions taken by Western governments. Especially by the US Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve of this country.

Institutions that have pledged more than $ 2 trillion in stimuli to try to keep the economy running, despite the quarantine in place to stop the Coronavirus. Noting that most plans do not include strategies that include any new technology.

People don’t sit idly by

This, of course, has generated that voices within American society and beyond have risen up against what they see as an act of fiscal irresponsibility. What has allowed to generate pressure on the American government, and before the complaints of the community. All this thanks to technology, as Pompliano said on his Twitter account:

The establishment survived for decades, silencing most simply by not giving them a platform to speak. Technology broke that monopoly and now the establishment is suffering because most have a platform with an audience

Thus, technology has empowered not only individuals, but society as a whole. Which now has the capacity to raise its voice, and face the measures that governments take against their interests. Whether on Twitter, Facebook, or through blogs, the voice of citizens can no longer be silenced. And that, regardless of whether Coronavirus stimulus packages are a good or a bad idea, is something worth commenting on.

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