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The best exchanges to invest in Bitcoin


Investing in cryptocurrencies is not an easy task. A minimum technical and financial knowledge is necessary, so that your investment multiplies and generates you profits. To achieve this, you need the right tools, so today we bring you a list of the three best exchanges to invest in Bitcoin.

1- Binance, topping the list of the best exchanges

In the western world, when it comes to exchanges, there is one that stands out above all others. We are of course referring to Binance, the exchange founded in China by Changpeng Zhao, but which has since managed to consolidate its dominance in the rest of the world. After having had to leave the Chinese market several years ago.

And it is that Binance offers everything the cryptocurrency investor needs. A platform with a simple, intuitive user interface, and that allows you to carry out transactions in milliseconds. Taking advantage of the rare opportunities that arise in the crypto world, which can evaporate seconds later.

In addition to that, Binance also offers you access to its own Bitcoin futures trading platform, Binance Futures. In which you can invest in these derivative products, without having to leave the platform.

Finally, the last great advantage that the exchange offers its users is a wide variety of tokens. And it is that, there are really hundreds of cryptocurrencies that we can find and trade in Binance. What provides us with a wide range of options when it comes to operating in the crypto market.

2- Coinbase

Of course, when it comes to quality it is impossible to leave Coinbase out. Company founded by Brian Armstrong and based in San Francisco. Which has not only established itself as the favorite exchange in the United States. But also as one of the most important wallets in the world.

Coinbase offers its users one of the most complete services when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Starting with your digital wallet, where you can store your crypto assets knowing that each and every one of them is insured by the company.

So even if you become the victim of a cyber attack, Coinbase will have the ability to answer for your money.

That without counting on its exchange platform, with the main cryptocurrencies in the world available. Which is fast, intuitive and easy to use.

However, the two main buts of this company, and the reasons why it does not top this list of the best exchanges in the world, are the limited number of countries in which it operates and the little diversity of cryptocurrencies within its platform.

3- SatoshiTango

Despite the fact that there are many other exchanges that deserve a place in our ranking (Bitfinex, BitMEX, etc.), we want to close this list of the best exchanges to invest in Bitcoin, with a classic platform in all of Latin America.

We refer to SatoshiTango, a company dedicated to offering its services to Latin American countries. Allowing operations to be carried out on its platform with Mexican, Chilean and Argentine pesos, Brazilian reals, euros, and of course, dollars. What makes it truly accessible to Americans.

In addition, the years of experience of this platform in serving the Latin American market, allows it to provide a service to the user far superior to that which any international exchange could provide. What, in short, will be a great advantage for any trader who chooses to trade on this platform. And the reason why SatoshiTango closes our list today.

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