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The Bitcoin family: three years traveling and living with BTC


Have you ever had a dream of leaving and leaving everything behind, and just traveling around the world? Perhaps alone or accompanied with your family. In case your answer is positive, you will be interested to know how this family has been traveling and living exclusively on Bitcoin for three years. No, we are not playing. In 2017, Didi Taihuttu sold everything for Bitcoin, convinced that he would be a billionaire in 2020.

Since then, this Dutch family of five has kept exclusively on their Bitcoin earnings, after selling it all this year to invest in the cryptocurrency.

Didi Taihuttu made headlines around the world in 2017 when he sold his profitable business, his family’s house and cars, and even children’s toys for Bitcoin, believing he would be a billionaire in 2020.

The Bitcoin family: three years living off BTC

At first glance, we can tell that this family has been living the dream. They embarked on a world tour, in which they have traveled at least 40 countries, in which they also promote the adoption of BTC.

In the middle of 2020 his enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies remains. This despite the fact that their adventure threatened to be derailed by the coronavirus crisis, and Bitcoin did not achieve the expected gains.

With no bank accounts or possessions, and with all his savings tied up in highly volatile cryptocurrencies, Taihuttu appears to be achieving his goal of living a “decentralized, nomadic, Bitcoin life.”

Among the actions they have carried out in these three years, this family has launched projects financed with cryptocurrencies to help the poor; established their own “Bitcoin Family” brand and merchandise, and they document their journey on YouTube.

The story behind the adventure

More than the desire to earn money, it was the death of his father, combined with exhaustion, that prompted this Dutchman to change his life and that of his family.

He had dabbled in cryptocurrencies since 2013, but in 2017 he suggested to his wife, Romaine, that they sell everything, invest it in Bitcoin and travel, adopting a new anti-materialistic way of life.

The original goal had been to withdraw money in 2020 and then reinvest when the price fell again. In this sense, Taihuttu with the effects of the Halving of Bitcoin. However, we all know what happened with that: expectations were not fully met.

Notably, the family had benefited from Bitcoin’s stratospheric surge after the previous bull run. Namely, the race in which the cryptocurrency soared from $ 800 in early 2017 to an all-time high of almost $ 20,000 at the end.

The Taihuttu family, or "the Bitcoin family", has been living with Bitcoin exclusively for three years and promoting by example the largest adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world.
The Taihuttu family, or “the Bitcoin family,” has been living exclusively with Bitcoin for three years and promoting by example the largest adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world.

Traveling the world with cryptocurrencies

For the past three years, the family has crossed between Asia, Oceania, and Europe. A cryptocurrency company gave them a van to travel with. Also, they went to Las Vegas and took a blockchain cruise from Venice and were invited to crypto conferences.

In this time they have discovered interesting things. For example, according to the Bitcoin family “Adoption in Asia is way ahead of Europe.”

There are two European cities that stand out for being particularly crypto-friendly, where they discovered that it was possible to live solely on cryptocurrencies. These are Rovereto in Italy and the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

How do they hold up after Bitcoin did not reach the expected growth for this moment?

Although this story may sound wonderful, you have to sit down and analyze what they do with all their money anchored in something as volatile as Bitcoin. As we mentioned earlier, by 2020 the Halving was expected to take off the price of Bitcoin in one way or another, but this has not been the case.

Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic threatened to derail his brilliant odyssey. However, his enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies has not waned.

However, Taihuttu trades every day. It is not dedicated only to Bitcoin, but it still accounts for around 65% of its holdings. He also constantly owns Ethereum and Litecoin, and recently invested in DOT, the cryptocurrency on the Polkadot blockchain. Others include COTI, CTSI, EGLD, BEAM, LEND, COV, and KAI.

Taihuttu is also an advisor to several early-stage startups. For example, he is involved in the Blockchain Valley project in Bulgaria and House of Dao, a space for coexistence and joint work where the focus is on blockchain and the acceleration of blockchain projects.

Upcoming projects of the Bitcoin family

When COVID-19 first struck, the family was in Spain and they made the decision to return to Thailand, where they were then trapped for several months.

Taihuttu had been promised a loan of a new truck for five years, but the deal was canceled due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic.

After spending time in the Netherlands and in Spain, they decided on a new three to six month tour of Portugal, to promote the idea of ​​travel, family and Bitcoin. They hope their new video series will land them a deal with a major broadcaster like Netflix.

By now, you’ve amassed some enviable contacts in the industry. Even several companies, including startup MachinaTrader and crypto exchange PrimeXBT, have contributed to help finance the trip.

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