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The most outstanding cryptocurrency news of the week


To close the week we have decided to make a summary with the most outstanding cryptocurrency news of the last days. Stressing that this edition has several articles that involve controversial topics.

Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum criticizes TRON for being a scam

Starting the cryptocurrency news with a chain fight, with the strong statements of Vitalik Buterin. Apparently, the creator of Ethereum argues that one of the biggest criticisms of Tron is that it is a great scam.

It can be seen that Buterin’s criticism could even reach legal issues, since a scam can be punished by law. We invite you to read our article if you want to read the basics of Buterin.

5 factors that can boost the price of Ethereum in 2020

Continued with Ethereum in the cryptocurrency news, we find a number of determining factors to boost the price of the currency. Stressing that this year another important event occurs, which was completely overshadowed by the Bitcoin halving. We refer to the official launch of Ethereum 2.0. Therefore, we invite you to meet those who drive this currency.

Commemorate in Ethereum the doctor who discovered the Coronavirus

To end Ethereum’s participation in the cryptocurrency news, we find a controversial issue for the world. On this occasion we expose how the people of Ethereum decided to commemorate one of the doctors who discovered the dreaded virus, the Coronavirus.

In this way, the cryptocurrency community honors one of the people who marked a historic moment this year. In addition, thank you for your contributions in the study of the virus that is wreaking havoc around the world.

“XRP will have lower performance this year,” according to Mike Novogratz

Continuing with other cryptocurrencies, we find the comments of Mike Novogratz, who decided to comment on the third most important crypto in the market. We refer to XRP, by Ripple, which does not seem to generate confidence in Novogratz. According to his comments, XRP this year will be worse than the year 2019, thus showing a lower performance.

Binance Futures launches future contracts for BNB

However, we want to end the week with good news of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, we invite Binance to cheer the closing of the article. On this occasion we expose how the platform annex, Binance Futures, officially announced that BNB Futures will exist. This demonstrates how the derivatives market has been expanding, exceeding the limits of Bitcoin and reaching more cryptocurrencies.

Finally, we invite you to join us another week with cryptocurrency news, possibly continuing the Coronavirus series.

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