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The next step for Bitcoin is a Super Bowl commercial


Over the years, Bitcoin has gradually entered popular culture. Getting to the point where there is practically no person in the world today who has not heard of Bitcoin. In a process that has closely followed the massification of cryptocurrency. Which is why, for crypto influencer Anthony Pompliano, the next step for Bitcoin is a Super Bowl commercial, just as he mentioned in the Tweet of the day:

A Bitcoin commercial at the Super Bowl?

The development of Bitcoin so far has been curious to say the least. And the thing is, the cryptocurrency went from being, just a few years ago, a mere technological curiosity. To become one of the most important financial assets in the entire world. With millions of users participating daily in transactions within its Blockchain. And a world market of several hundred million dollars.

Thanks to this, new references to cryptocurrencies appear daily in popular culture. Be it mentions of it in books, movies and series, documentaries, tweets from recognized institutions, and even speeches by presidents like Donald Trump. We have reached a point where it is practically impossible to escape the influence of Bitcoin in any country on the planet.

Of course, with this popularity has also come an increase in the number of users using the cryptocurrency every day. Taking BTC to live its best time so far in terms of activity on its Blockchain. Reason why crypto influencer Anthony Pompliano launched a proposal on Twitter to create a commercial about Bitcoin for the Super Bowl:

«Someone should crowdfund a Bitcoin commercial at the Super Bowl ».

In this way, Anthony Pompliano would be equating Bitcoin with other products that are part of the mainstream of society, and are announced in the Super Bowl. Giving the idea that Bitcoin, with a commercial financed by its community, could reach even more people and increase its mass.

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