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The Toilet Paper Token (TPT) is now reality


The revolution in toilet paper technology 🧻 is here. Now we will have a toilet paper token (TPT), as this asset has become a vital supplement in this Coronavirus crisis, ready for the real ShitCoin ?.

The toilet paper had not received an update for hundreds of years. Throughout history, humans had used their imaginations to clean up after number 2: ears of corn, rocks, leaves, and more.

Toilet paper at the beginning of its history was only for the wealthiest people. Then, with the industrial revolution, it could be mass produced at a lower price. And now in 2020, in the midst of a global crisis, the Toilet Paper Token arrives to bridge that gap once again.

Cryptos against the shortage of toilet paper

In November 2019, the global consumption of this vital good was 10 billion rolls per month. But, for some strange yet unknown reason, the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has caused its consumption to rise to 15 billion per month.

Source: CoinMarketCap
Source: CoinMarketCap

Either because quarantine keeps us all longer in our homes, or because it is the unthinkable cure for the virus. Whatever the reason, it is now in short supply in many parts of the world.

The technology behind the Toilet Paper Token

TPT uses the technology of “Smut Contracts” to keep track of the rolls consumed and in inventory of its users.

With TPT users will be able to buy toilet paper 🧻 and use the “Ply Count” algorithms to calculate the optimal number of rolls for each user.

The implication of this system is no more hoarding or fighting in stores over the last pack of rolls.

¿CorHow to get a Shitdrop of this token?

To acquire some tokens of this new altcoin, users will have to fill out the questionnaire. The questions in the questionnaire will vary, from the number of members of your household, to the existence of pre-existing gastrointestinal problems.

Once you get your TPT allowance, you can exchange the tokens for toilet paper on your preferred crypto exchange.

TPT Toilet Paper Token Position - Source: CoinMarketCap.
TPT Toilet Paper Token Position – Source: CoinMarketCap.

The opening price of the Toilet Paper Token (TPT) will be 1 TPT = USD $ 1.64. And it will have an offer of 8 billion tokens.

Which immediately makes it the number 1 token, above Bitcoin with a market capitalization of 41,758,500,000.

And already, it has had a somewhat strange movement in its price level. With a daily variation of 1,123.9%.

Source: CoinMarketCap

TPT Security

As we mentioned, in order to acquire the token it is necessary to fill out the questionnaire. Which complies with a series of regulations, not from traditional KCY, but from Know – Your – Colon (KYC).

According to the company behind this token

“The KYC verification process of each user that they can clean themselves.”

The KYC will also involve the installation of an intravenous IoT supplement, as a suppository to monitor the fiber content in one’s stomach.

But, unfortunately, now we will not be able to acquire it. Well to start the system there has to be toilet paper 🧻 on the shelves. And at the moment, there is no offer of them.

In addition, it uses the Proof-of-Ply within its Blockchain as a consensus method to guarantee the immutability of the number of rolls in your home.

You can read the Whipe Paper for more information on the token.

Would you use this Shitcoin?

Without a doubt, this is a joke from the price portal CoinMarketCap, as a mockery of the fact of the over consumption of toilet paper in the world, and also taking advantage of the arrival of April Fools, or April Fool’s Day.

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