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They created more than 400 mining pools in Cardano


No one has their position secured in the crypto world. It doesn’t matter how big your project, company or cryptocurrency is. Within the community there will be dozens of people working to compete with you and beat you. And that is being well understood by Ethereum and Tron, the top virtual currencies in the decentralized app sector, which are now facing fierce competition from Cardano. And, in recent days, more than 400 Cardano mining pools were created.

Cardano’s development

In the past few days, there hasn’t been a cryptocurrency that has generated more news than Cardano’s ADA. Well, the project founded by Charles Hoskinson has implemented a new version of its blockchain, Shelley. Which has brought several new features to its operation, including programmed staking and a new wallet with greater technical capabilities.

Shelly arrives just as the other two major cryptocurrencies in the decentralized apps and smart contracts industry, Tron and Ethereum, are in the midst of launching their new versions. With which they seek, in the case of ETH, to consolidate their leadership in this sector of the crypto world. While Tron seeks to conquer first place currently in possession of Ethereum.

Thus, the launch of the new version of Cardano, and all the media attention it has managed to gather around it. It has been a major challenge to the status quo within the crypto market. An idea that gains support when you look at the number of staking pools that have emerged on the Cardano Blockchain in the last two days.

More than 400 mining pools

Thus, since the formal implementation of Shelley within Cardano, the number of mining pools created for staking has exceeded 400. A figure that was probably driven by the new possibilities that Shelly offers for scheduled staking.

More than 400 mining pools have been created in Cardano in the last hours. Source: Daedalus Mainnet
More than 400 mining pools have been created in Cardano in the last hours. Source: Daedalus Mainnet

This sharp increase in interest from the crypto community in Cardano comes just days after Charles Hoskinson published a tweet commenting on your prospects for the future of ADA. And making it clear that he hopes that the number of decentralized applications and projects on the Cardano Blockchain will not stop increasing in the coming year.

By this time next year, I predict there will be hundreds of assets up and running in Cardano, thousands of dApps, tons of exciting projects, and tons of unique uses. In 2021 it will be a lot of fun to see Cardano grow and evolve. The community is definitely ready to innovate

If the momentum seen in the birth of these new staking pools continues, there is no doubt that Cardano will be able to face Ethereum and Tron in the medium term. Presenting itself as a viable option for creating decentralized applications within the crypto world. Reason why we chose this jump in the number of pools within the Cardano Blockchain as our Today’s Data here at CryptoTrend.

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