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Today we launch – CRIPTO TENDENCIA


The Forex market has an impact on everything that concerns money. Every transaction involving a currency exchange means an FX intervention. For this reason we have launched, so that you can keep track of money.

Every time you buy a cryptocurrency with fiat money, you indirectly participate in the Forex market. So the importance of keeping track of where the money is going.

The Forex market is the largest in the world, with an average of 5 trillion dollars of daily volume. This is because it moves the most precious thing in the markets: Money. your access to the currency market

From this new section you will be able to access a large amount of content related to the Forex market, among which are:

  • Complete information about the FX market
  • Tips and tricks to invest successfully in Forex
  • Analysis of FX trends
  • The best brokers to trade Forex
  • Expert opinions on FX

In addition, we are going to tell you how the Forex market influences the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Money never sleeps

Money never but never sleeps … It constantly jumps from one asset to another. Regarding the Forex market, it is common that for a time some currencies are better positioned than others.

With the disruption of cryptocurrencies, various questions have been raised about whether fiat currencies can continue to be the method of trading in the future.

Since the birth of Bitcoin, back in 2009, the way of moving money has changed. Although currencies such as the dollar, the euro or the pound sterling are synonymous with “security”, something is changing.

Without going any further, with the pandemic we are going through at the moment, governments have been forced to print large amounts of money to subsidize workers around the world, since many have lost their sources of work, or have been suspended.

With so much “banknote” turning around, it makes them have less and less “real” value. Which leads us to ask ourselves: What is really valuable right now? That question and many others we will try to answer daily in this new section of the Forex market.


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