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Trading course, learn from scratch: part one


In these moments where it is increasingly necessary to learn to work from home, a trading course could become a great opportunity to earn extra money online, and even change your life completely.

Over the next 4 days we will be publishing the continuation of this series of articles, in order to delve into each of the aspects that will lead you to learn everything you need to start in this wonderful world.

This trading course is based on technical analysis. So everything learned can be used to invest in any type of financial market.

What is trading?

It consists of buying and selling assets in highly liquid markets. Among the most traded products are forex, cryptocurrencies, futures, stocks, bonds and raw materials.

Technical and fundamental analysis are generally used to carry out this activity, in order to find opportunities that make it possible to obtain benefits.

What is fundamental analysis?

It is a form of research used to determine the true value of an asset.

The fundamental analyst tries to look for prices that do not agree with the authentic value to obtain benefits, since the hypothesis indicates that the market will always seek to adjust to the intrinsic value.

What is technical analysis?

This is the type of analysis that we will learn in this trading course.

Also known as chart analysis, it is used to search for repeating patterns and trends in price charts.

Traders use various tools and theories that facilitate the interpretation of charts.

The most used are:

  • Supports and resistances.
  • Japanese candles.
  • Chartist patterns.
  • Technical indicators.
  • Fibonacci sequence.
  • Elliot Waves.

Throughout this trading course, we will be delving into the first 3 tools named in the list above.

These will be enough for you to get a complete, useful and simple learning to start trading and investments as soon as possible.

Platform for technical analysis

We already know what we are going to learn, butWhere do we practice?

Based on my experience, I highly recommend the TradingView platform for technical analysis.

It has a very friendly fully customizable interface, with hundreds of tools and indicators. Although not all of these accessories will be necessary, they may be useful later on as you acquire new knowledge.

The platform offers charts for a wide variety of markets, trading ideas, scripts and an analyzer where you can see all the information related to a specific asset.

Trading plan, risk management and daily

Without a doubt, the 3 fundamental pillars for success as a trader are the trading plan, risk management and daily.

If you do not have a plan to follow to make decisions in trading, I assure you that you will be doomed to failure.

In this activity, any type of decision must be made by pre-established rules. Failure to do so, the strong emotions caused by the profit and loss can lead you to act impulsively and cause the total loss of your capital.

Keep in mind that you will never have 100% effectiveness when applying a trading strategy. In this way, you consider losses as part of the game and you understand that what you should do is control them and avoid bankruptcy.

This is where risk management comes into play.

The most experienced traders recommend that no more than 3% of your capital per trade be risky. Applying this rule, you will have a lot of testing margin for new operations that could be winners.

But not only losses are harmful. In the case of victories, your psychology could also be affected, taking your mental state to one of greed, where you try to earn more and more each time. But what do you think, chances are you will lose everything you have earned and even more.

So, your trading plan should also set goals whether they are daily, weekly or monthly. Secure profits, as the market can take it all back with you very easily.

And finally, your discipline as a trader fully respecting your plan, must be recorded in a trading journal. It is there where you see that you are really doing things right and, if not, you will be able to quickly assess and correct the bad.

The constant improvement of your system takes you on an infinite path of financial growth. Learn from your mistakes and rejoice when you follow the rules.

Trading broker

As you know, we need a service that allows us to make purchases and sales, according to the most likely direction indicated by the technical analysis. This is what the broker will take care of.

But how do I choose it? and what is the best?

Currently, there is a wide variety of brokers, some with better qualities than others to satisfy different people.

The chosen one should have characteristics such as: Good customer service, accessible deposit and withdrawal methods for your situation, low spreads, economic commissions, regulation by competent entities.

From here we can safely recommend the brokers you find in this publication, where we review each of its characteristics in detail.

Demo and live accounts to learn trading

To finish this introductory article, let’s talk about the accounts we can use to apply the knowledge you will learn in this beginner trading course.

If you are totally from scratch, it is recommended that you start a demo account to learn trading. With it you can fully understand the trading platform used, just as if you were using real funds. In addition, you can test what you have learned, without risking your money.

A demo account is a great help, but only if it is used with full responsibility, treating it as if it were real money. Only in this way can you evaluate real results and replicate them when you make the transition to operating with your capital.

After confirming that the strategy works following the trading plan to the letter, you can now migrate to an account with real funds.

Try to do this in the shortest time possible, because only with real money can you start managing the emotions that influence decision-making.

No matter how little the initial capital is, the important thing is to start and minimize the risk in order to have a greater test margin for new operations.

Demo accounts like Plus500 or Binance are ideal to start on this path, thanks to the excellent quality offered by these brokers. Open one right now, so you can start applying the knowledge you are going to learn in this trading course.

I hope this publication has been to your liking and I invite you to stay tuned to the continuation of this series. Any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments, we will be happy to read you.

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