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Tron already has 10 million users


Since its inception, Tron has become one of the most important cryptocurrencies in the world. Going from being considered just a copy of Ethereum to becoming a respected Blockchain for the creation of decentralized applications. This has allowed him to constantly increase his user base until finally, yesterday, Justin Sun announced in the Tweet of the day that Tron already has 10 million users:

Tron’s path to 10 million users

When Justin Sun announced the launch of his own cryptocurrency in 2017, for most crypto users Tron seemed like an announced failure. And it is that, with a white paper that was practically a copy of the one launched by Ethereum. Tron looked like an attempt to replicate ETH’s success on a new blockchain.

However, it was soon shown that Tron was much more than this. Well, the team gathered by Justin Sun around the Tron Foundation began to develop new features to differentiate the cryptocurrency from Ethereum. Making Tron one of the most scalable currencies today, with much lower wait times and commissions than ETH.

Thanks to this, the adoption of Tron has also been on the rise. Constantly increasing the number of users participating in its blockchain. Managing to attract a significant number of people, despite still being far behind the level of massification of Ethereum. Reaching 10 million users on its Blockchain yesterday.

Tron already has 10 million users. Source: Tron Scan
Tron already has 10 million users. Source: Tron Scan

«#TRON users surpassed 10M! Next 100M goal! The first account was created on 06/25/2018, 182 days later, on 12/24/2018, the one million account was created, 625 days later, the 10 millionth account was created on 09/19/2020. The average growth rate grew from 3k to 60k per day, a 20-fold increase!«

In this way, Tron is consolidated as a true alternative to the Ethereum Blockchain. Which is especially important in this boom period in decentralized finance. When users of the crypto world look for the best chain to design and launch their DeFi projects.

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