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Tron has more active Dapps than Ethereum


For years, Ethereum has been synonymous with decentralized applications (Dapps) for the crypto world. Concentrating inside most of the smart contracts created using Blockchain technology. However, this dominance of Ethereum has found resistance in the birth of new cryptocurrencies, which try to offer better features than ETH. Getting to the point where, according to Justin Sun in the Tweet of the day, Tron has more active Dapps than Ethereum:

Tron and Ethereum’s competition for Dapps

For several years now, Tron has put all its efforts to overcome Ethereum. Trying to offer better features for the development of Dapps within its Blockchain, of which ETH offers. Especially by providing greater potential for climbing.

Thus, while Ethereum, when the activity of its Dapps is too high, it encounters very high transaction execution times and commissions. Tron has achieved a much higher rate of transaction processing within its chain. Taking the commissions for using Tron to practically 0.

According to Sun Tron has more Dapps than Ethereum, and the growth in its number of users is proof. Source: Tron Scan

Thanks to this, in previous days Tron reached the figure of 10 million users on its blockchain. Arriving in the period between September 11 and 24 at 1,100 Dapps in its ecosystem. With a greater number of the same active than on the Ethereum and EOS Blockchain, according to Justin Sun:

Dapps on #TRON hit 1,100 by September 24 with 78 new apps added in 2 weeks. The number of active users on #TRON in the last 2 weeks remained in the first place. Number of active Dapps on #TRON increased rapidly, surpassed #ETH & #EOS«.

With these numbers, Tron seems to show that it is close to catching up with Ethereum, at least in terms of activity level. However, as long as the number of Dapps in Tron is not large enough, a mass exodus from ETH to Tron is unlikely to be seen.

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