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Understand the Binance widget


On May 1, the integration of the Binance widget into the Brave Browser was announced. But, as an innovative element, many of you probably have key questions that we come to answer today.

In this way, understanding the Binance Widget is essential for its use and, precisely for this reason, we will clarify the most frequent doubts about it.

Binance widget

The launch was billed as the first browser-exchange integration of its kind, allowing users to trade and manage cryptocurrencies “seamlessly.”

Thus, the 13.5 million monthly active users in the Brave browser will be able to access the services of the crypto exchange without leaving the web browser.

In this way, through this new widget in the Brave Browser, users will be able to see the summary of their active balances in the crypto exchange and will be able to convert them into other crypts if they wish. They will also be able to buy and sell their crypto through it.

However, the innovative launch has raised some questions in users that must be answered to take full advantage of the new service.

7 key questions to consider

Understanding the Binance widget is essential to start using it through the Brave Browser, that is why today we bring you the 7 most frequently asked questions clarified by the browser.

1. Do they collect my information?

The crypto world was born out of the fight for freedom and privacy, so it is normal for us to worry about our data. In this way, Brave clarifies that it will not collect the information about the transactions that it carries out through the Widget.

In this sense, it ensures that “The widget will simply use the Binance API directly with Binance if you log in through OAuth and interact with the widget.”

2. Can I withdraw my BATs through Binance?

Let’s remember that the Basic Attention Token (BAT) is the token used by Brave Browser to reward users. Therefore, the browser ensures that there will be no changes to Brave Rewards.

“If you check with Uphold, you can transfer your Uphold funds to your Binance account if you want, just as you would if there was no Binance widget in Brave.”

Brave says.

3. What happens if Binance stops working?

You can connect to your Binance account through OAuth, so they emphasize that no accounts are created within Brave.

That is, Brave only uses the API of the crypto exchange to easily show users their account balances and execute operations.

4. Could Binance replace Uphold?

Brave Browser ensures that it is not, since the new Binance Widget is independent of Brave Rewards and, therefore, is a new service that allows you to easily access your account on the crypto exchange.

5. How do I connect the widget to my account on the crypto exchange?

To connect the Binance widget to your account, you must click the “Connect” button on the widget. Once this is done, a window will appear where the authentication process of the crypto exchange must pass. And ready! You can now use the widget.

6. Will my privacy at Brave be compromised?

Brave Browser ensures that your browser privacy will not be compromised when using the Binance widget. This ensures that you don’t load any remote Binance content. You only communicate with Binance or Binance.US, depending on your country, when you interact with the widget.

7. Is the widget compatible for and

Brave Browser ensures that the new widget is capable of working with both platforms depending on their location. In the upper right corner of the widget is an option to select your platform.

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