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Unusual story of bank robbery


Is there the perfect robbery? In this fictional story I am going to tell you about a bank robbery, or rather, how banks are robbed and even the system itself robs us daily.

Episode 1: There was once a robbery in Guangzhou, China. The thief entered shouting to everyone: “Let no one move, the money belongs to the State, your life belongs to you.” Everyone on the bench quietly and slowly lay down on the floor.

This is called “Concepts for changing mindsets”: it changes the conventional way of thinking about the world.

Episode 2: A scared woman gives the older thief her wallet and her cell phone “please, madam, this is not against you, it is against the bank,” he says.

This is called “Being Professional”: Focus on what you are specialized at doing!

Episode 3: While the thieves were escaping, the youngest thief (with an MBA specialty) said to the old thief (who just finished elementary school): “Hear me old, do we count how much it is?”

The old thief, obviously angry, replied: “Don’t be stupid, it is a lot of money to tell about it, we wait for the news to tell us how much the bank lost.” This is called “Experience”: today experience is more important than a role of an academic institution.

The story continues …

Story of an unusual bank robbery

Who is the victim of the bank robbery?

Episode 4: Once the robbers left, the bank manager told the supervisor to immediately call the police. The supervisor told him: “Stop, stop, before we put the 5 million we are missing from the embezzlement of the heavy month and we report it as if the thieves had also taken them away.

This is called “Swimming with the Tides”: taking advantage of an unfavorable situation.

Episode 5: The next day, when it was reported on television news that 100 million had been stolen from the bank, the robbers decided to count the money, however they could only count 20 million.

The very angry robbers reflected: “We risked our lives for a paltry 20 million while the bank manager stole 80 million in the blink of an eye. Apparently, it is better to study and know the system than to be a common thief. “

This is: “Knowledge is as valuable as gold.”

Last episode: The bank manager, happy and smiling, was satisfied that his losses in the foreign exchange market were covered by an insurance company for the robbery.

This is called “Living from the system”.

Moral: Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob everyone.

Who do you think is the true victim of this unusual story? Let us know in the comments.

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