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US Postal Service faces Trump


Despite the complaints of President Donald Trump, it seems that the presidential elections in the United States will go according to plan. What has led Trump to use the resources of the American federal government, to try to obstruct the operation of the Postal Service. In order to prevent elections from being held by mail. Provoking the US Postal Service to confront Trump with Blockchain.

The drama of the American elections

According to all the polls at the national level, the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, is behind his Democratic rival Joe Biden, in the intention of voting ahead of the November elections. And what is worse for Trump is that he would also be losing several key states to achieve a new triumph in the American Electoral College.

Therefore, and faced with the possibility of not being reelected for the 2021-2025 period, Trump has asked that the presidential elections be postponed. Mentioning that there are no conditions to carry out a face-to-face election in the midst of the pandemic generated by the Coronavirus. And that any attempt to vote by mail vote would generate massive fraud in favor of Biden.

US Postal Service Faces Trump Losing Blockchain Polls. Source: FiveThirtyEight
US Postal Service Faces Trump Losing Blockchain Polls. Source: FiveThirtyEight

Of course, this request has not found receptivity in a House of Representatives dominated by the Democratic Party. Which has led Donald Trump to try to obstruct the elections by other means. Such as, for example, freezing the funds of the US Postal Service, as a mechanism to make it impossible to vote by mail. In a move that has been described by President Barack Obama as “unprecedented” in the history of the country.

The Postal Service bets on the Blockchain

However, and despite Trump’s attempts to prevent the elections from taking place in November. The US Postal Service has not stood idly by, and is already studying the implementation of different solutions to ensure that the elections can be held as scheduled, protecting the vote of US citizens.

In this way, it has been announced that the Postal Service has filed a patent for a system that takes advantage of Blockchain technology to carry out secure voting. As a mechanism to avoid accusations of fraud by supporters of Donald Trump.

This development is related to a voting system that also incorporates the use of cryptographic elements, such as Blockchain, in the same way that it is used in cryptocurrencies, to track and secure the voting system by mail“.

If the US Postal Service succeeds in incorporating this Blockchain-based system, it would leave those who fear fraud in the November elections without arguments. And it would prevent the Trump administration’s attacks against the institution from affecting the normal democratic development of the country. Showing once again the role that blockchains can play. And making this our Today’s Data here at CryptoTendency.

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