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US Security: Digital Wallet


It was announced that the National Security of the United States, and the Directorate of Science and Technology of the country want to create a digital wallet and, therefore, they offered a challenge to the developer community.

New challenge in the crypto community!

Although it has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies, developers from the crypto community can participate in its creation.

According to the statement from DHS (Department of Homeland Security), they want to “digitize the issuance and storage of paper credentials to improve security and prevent forgery.”

Stiff competition for a digital wallet, what is the prize?

So, with this in mind, the community was challenged to design a “End-to-end accreditation system (digital wallet)”.

Many must be wondering, “What if I make it?” Well, the statement established that a total prize of $ 25,000 will be offered.

However, this award will be awarded in two stages. First, the authorities will select three finalists from Stage 1; who will each receive $ 5,000 and the opportunity to share their work at an event.

Second, Stage 2 will run, where one of the three finalists will receive the grand prize of an additional $ 10,000.

According to CoinDesk, Anil John, technical director of the Silicon Valley Innovation Program, pointed out that the digital wallet must demonstrate “ease of use and visual consistency.”

So basically, a user interface design competition has been launched to pair with DHS’s work on the Blockchain and decentralized identity space.

What does participation entail?

To participate, you must send your digital wallet design before October 15, 2020. The reason is that the event will be taking place on October 27.

“All submissions must be received electronically as indicated in this announcement by 11:59:59 UTC (7:59:59 PM Eastern Standard Time) on Thursday, October 15, 2020 at DHS S&T. Late submissions will not be considered »the statement said.

In addition, the proposal must be a video that “provides a high-level view of the functionality and purpose of the solution.”

Specifically, the video should show how the solution would be used in a case raised by the department.

And, of course, participants must be 18 years or older and not criminals, Americans, or legal permanent residents.

Will there be many participants interested in creating a digital wallet for the United States? We’ll see.

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