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Virtual party to wait for the Halving of Bitcoin


The future Halving in the Bitcoin Blockchain is one of the most anticipated events for the crypto community. Both for those who believe that after it the price of BTC will skyrocket. As for those who consider that it will not have a particular relevance in the crypto market. For this reason, Anthony Pompliano has announced a virtual party to wait for the Halving of Bitcoin in our Tweet of the day:

A virtual party for Halving

It’s difficult to underestimate the importance of Bitcoin Halving in the crypto community. Well, both those who consider that it will be a determining event for the history of BTC, and those who see it as another milestone in a gradual development process, are looking forward to the day of May when the Halving will finally take place.

And it is that, according to the theory handled by most of the analysts of the crypto market, the halving of the rewards perceived by the mining of Bitcoin, will lead to a decrease in the growth rate of the supply of BTC.

What should generate, as a natural consequence, an increase in the price of the cryptocurrency. When the supply falls, but the demand for the virtual currency remains.

Among the most fervent advocates of this idea is Anthony Pompliano. The crypto influencer who has long been the main proponent of Bitcoin’s vision as an active store of value. And who would now organize a virtual party to wait for the Halving of Bitcoin, along with Jason Williams, his partner in the Morgan Creek foundation:

“We will have a virtual party to observe Halving. Details will be informed soon. Don’t miss out on this third historic event. ”

Thus, the importance of Bitcoin Halving for the future of the crypto world is confirmed once again. Well, if at the end of the day, the crypto market does not react in the way that many analysts expect. This could have serious long-term consequences for both BTC and the rest of the cryptocurrencies.

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