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Virtual reality to connect with deceased loved ones, is it possible?


Technology has advanced in unimaginable ways a few years ago. However, one aspect that stands out a lot is that of virtual reality. This has been used for all possible purposes, from science to entertainment.

However, a recent case has left the Internet quite moved, and some cases for some have been scary. We are talking about what South Korean company Viv Studio did when it organized a “meeting” between a mother and her daughter who died three years ago, thanks to this technology.

More details about it

As we mentioned earlier, it was precisely the South Korean company Viv Studio that “brought together” this mother and her daughter. The detail is that the girl died three years ago, but the company virtually cloned her, according to the MBC special documentary Met I Met You ’.

With virtual reality technology, Nayeon (who was 7 years old when he was diagnosed with hematologic cancer and died) could be seen by his mother. As the documentary explains, the mother wanted to meet her daughter to say goodbye to her in another way.

With virtual reality, the woman, with glasses and special gloves, interacts with Nayeon, who calls her ‘mom’. Naturally, Jang Ji-sung begins to cry, while trying to hug and touch his daughter thanks to the emotions that aroused this fact.

In addition, with the technology they used, they were able to recreate in a virtual scenario the favorite park of Nayeon, where mother and daughter celebrate the birthday of the girl, who asks as a wish that her mother never cries again.

How did they make virtual reality reach these limits?

Mother and daughter meet in a world of virtual reality thanks to technology
Mother and daughter meet in a world of virtual reality thanks to technology

To recreate the girl, the specialists used videos and photos of her, analyzing her behavior, her tone of voice and her gestures, using the technique of capturing the movement to make the animation. All this was achieved in eight months. Again, technology advancing incredibly.

The opinions regarding this experience have been diverse. On the one hand we have those who were simply touched until they could contain their tears. On the other we have some who assume that such an experience is traumatic.

Another group advocates the benefits of this experience to close pending chapters, at least mentally with the person in question. Whatever your opinion, the interesting thing is to see how the use of virtual reality has advanced so much in recent years.

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