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Was the Coronavirus predicted 39 years ago?


Four decades ago, a certain Dean Koontz wrote a horror novel with the title: “The eyes of the dark”, in which he says that a lethal virus developed in a laboratory in China will cause disasters. Did you predict Coronavirus?

If you wonder what all this has to do with a place where we dedicate ourselves to talk more than anything about cryptocurrencies, stay until the end. Believe me, it can be 5 minutes of reading that you will not forget in your quarantine.

Let’s start by talking about who wrote this novel that is causing such a stir …

Who’s Dean Koontz?

Dean was born on July 9, 1945 in Pennsylvania, United States. Is a horror novel writer. At the age of 20 he won the Atlantic Montthly novel prize, and since 1969 he has devoted himself exclusively to writing.

His novels have been translated into 17 languages ​​and more than 50 million copies have been sold worldwide. Some of them have been taken to the cinema and television. He lives with his wife Gerda in southern California, according to Wikipedia.

Dean Koontz: Author of the Betseller "The Eyes of the Dark". Did you predict Coronavirus?
Dean Koontz: Author of the Betseller “The Eyes of the Dark”. Did you predict Coronavirus?

What is your novel about: “The eyes of darkness”

The novel, published in Spain by Plaza & Janes in 1991, is around 2020, the laboratory is located in the Chinese city of Wuhan and the virus was designed to be used as a biological weapon in case of war.

In the book, scientists call it Wuhan-400 Because it is designed from a strain of more than 400 artificially created microorganisms.

Furthermore, they call it the “perfect weapon” because it affects only humans and cannot survive outside the body or in cold environments below 30 degrees, which means that it cannot permanently contaminate entire objects or places such as anthrax and others. dangerous microorganisms, sentence in a publication of

Hundreds of excerpts from the Betseller “The Eyes of Darkness” have been shared on social networks

Dean Koontz: Did you predict the Coronavirus?

Difficult to answer this question with absolute 100% certainty, as it would be subjective to whoever writes to them. My intention is not to create conspiracy theories, much less, but rather that each reader can draw their own conclusions.

What I have no doubts is that it gives food for thought, since it places the pandemic that plagues everyone in time and space. I don’t know whether or not he predicted the Coronavirus, but it raises more than one question.

In the book he talks about the Wuhan-400 It has an annihilation rate of 100%, which would be the disappearance of humanity completely, something that sounds extremely exaggerated. In addition, he mentions that people infected with the virus do not live more than 24 hours, even die in 12, he says.

Current Coronavirus data

At the time of publication, Coronavirus has a mortality rate of approximately 5%, with China being the country with the highest number of infections (81727), followed by Italy (74386) and the United States. (69194).

Right now the pandemic is ruthlessly hitting Europe, especially Italy, Spain and France, where it has already claimed more than 12,000 lives.

Much of the world is in quarantine, and everything seems to indicate that the light is far away at the end of the tunnel. Betting on a vaccine, which is estimated that it would not be on a large scale before 1 year, hopefully experts say.

For now the only vaccine that humanity has to face this pandemic is: “#Stay at home

Coronavirus puts humanity in check

Without a doubt the most important thing at the moment is preserve the health of all the inhabitants of the earth, but without neglecting something very important: The Economy.

Some countries, such as Argentina for example, are 100% committed to protecting the health of all people, decreeing a total quarantine, only operating the minimum and essential so that people can continue eating and accessing remedies, completely neglecting the economy.

On the other hand, we have, for example, the United States, with Donald Trump at the helm, who urges the Americans to continue with their usual rhythm of life, without “caring” so much about the Coronavirus.

Personally I do not make any value judgment, since I do not have the crystal ball to predict which model is correct or not. But I have no doubts that life must always be ahead, and then the economy and other things.

I think the challenge for modern governments will be to deal with this ruthless pandemic, which does not distinguish between countries, sex, creeds and social level, to preserve people’s health without neglecting the economy.

If you focus 100% on health and neglect the economy, the “remedy may be worse than the disease.” On the other hand, if you focus on the economy and minimize the impact of the Coronavirus, we can speak of hundreds of thousands of deaths, if not more … You will have to find a balance.

The impact of Coronavirus on financial markets

As I said before, health must always come first, but without neglecting the financial markets, since otherwise the situation can become very serious.

At the time of publishing this post, the markets in general are closing a March for oblivion. The main world stock markets are sinking, oil to say nothing, while Bitcoin tries to keep it afloat as a safe haven just like gold.

Coronavirus: The Dow Jones chart for March speaks for itself
The March Dow Jones chart speaks for itself. Source: Yahoo Finance

Bitcoin came to lose a few days ago the 4k, then a strong volume of purchases was observed by the crypto whales that quickly took it to the 6k area. At the time of this edition it is negotiating at US $ 6,654.

Coronavirus: Graph of the Bitcoin of the last month. Source: Yahoo Finance
Bitcoin graph of the last month. Source: Yahoo Finance

Final thoughts

To end what is at stake in this pandemic, apart from the health of all of us, is how we come out together as humanity. This did not come for a particular country or continent, it came for everything, to attack our way of life, and I am not just referring to the “whims” that we can give ourselves according to the social condition of each one, but rather for freedom.

More than a third of humanity is quarantined in their homes, in order that the virus does not continue spreading. It is a devastating fact, and surpasses any stat you can see.

We are a moment where small actions are what will make the difference. Being supportive in these times can make our species move forward, and improve, or at least go in that direction.

39 years ago Dean Koontz wrote:The eyes of darkness“I hope that this year humanity can write:”We defeated the Coronavirus” It is an invisible enemy not impossible to defeat.

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