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Ways to get BTC in addition to mining


Not all of us have the financial muscle, or the technical ability to become crypto miners. But, there are multiple ways in which you can get BTC apart from Bitcoin mining.

This is a question we are asked very often, but we will try to answer aloud today.

Bitcoin (BTC) is not exclusive to the main countries of the world, nor to millionaires, nor only to miners. We can all be part of the cryptoverse with a little effort.

Bitcoin and mining ⛏

As we well know, the only way that Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies can be created is through the mining process.

This method of mining varies from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency. But, in the case of Bitcoin it is through the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus method. This is based in a few words on solving mathematical problems that require immense computing power, in the shortest possible time.

Once the problem is solved, then the transaction that was made in the Bitcoin network is validated and included in the Blockchain. And, as a reward, a pre-set amount of BTC is awarded to the crypto miner who carried out this transaction.

This is the only way the first cryptocurrency is created. Very different from how the traditional world works, that with the push of a button governments can print billions of dollars without any kind of support.

But, this is not the only way that you and I can get Bitcoin to be part of the cryptoverse. There are endless options and here we will only mention some.

How else can you get BTC apart from Bitcoin mining?

1) working

This seems like the most obvious option, but there are still many who don’t know that many freelance jobs have the option of crypto payments.

The world of the Internet is practically infinite, it is only a matter of looking for the option that best suits our abilities and abilities.

That, and with a lot of patience, perseverance, and a bit of luck, you will surely land a job that allows you to earn a bit of Bitcoin for your effort. And with it, belong to the crypto ecosystem, or failing that, increase its hodls.

2) Lending your cryptos

The crypto ecosystem does not stop, and we are increasingly presented with more mature and new features. Bitcoin was created as an alternative to the traditional financial system, but this does not mean that in the world of cryptocurrencies, good ideas are not adopted from the traditional world.

One of these ideas is the fact of lending your BTC to a crypto platform, such as Binance. And this, in return, grants you an interest in that service.

Like a savings account, but with the difference that you can decide if you want it to generate interest or not. In addition, you can choose in which cryptocurrency to do it. So you can get BTC apart from Bitcoin mining.

3) With referral links

Another option to get BTC apart from Bitcoin mining, is to become a crypto evangelizer. Yes, as you read, just by the fact that people adopt the world of cryptocurrencies, or that others who are already part migrate from the application, you can earn Bitcoin.

Platforms like Binance have what are known as referral links, and even an evangelizer program, which, just by introducing people to Binance, you can earn money.

Of course, by reading what the small letters say, we will earn money in two ways, the first for each new user, and second, for each transaction that these users make on said platform.

4) With web payments

An interesting platform to earn cryptocurrencies is Brave Browser. Although it is not BTC that you get, it is a cryptocurrency that can be converted into Bitcoin.

With this web browser that is increasingly competing with Google Chrome, you are awarded a Basic Attention Token (BAT) profit for watching ads. The same as Chrome does with Google Ads, but, this time you will be paid for it.

5) Trading

This is one of the riskiest ways to get BTC apart from Bitcoin mining. Since it is not for everyone, and just as you win, you can easily lose everything.

This method consists of first informing and educating yourself, about the pros, cons, and all the theory and practice necessarily to contribute with your money.

Such high volatility in the crypto market, although on the one hand it can be seen as one of the main problems to the massive adoption of Bitcoin. On the other hand, the same volatility makes expert miners earn juicy returns on their investments.

We could be here listing all day the endless possibilities of getting BTC apart from Bitcoin mining. How to sell your fiat money for crypto, or use gift cards that grant a certain percentage of “Cash – Back”.

But, it is up to you how to increase your hodls, or start being part of the cryptoverse. We also hope that in all this process you can count on CriptoTendencia to accompany you.

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