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What is PenguinX Crypto Mixer?


The cryptocurrency ecosystem is loaded with “complicated” terms, this time we are going to tell you in detail what the crypto mixer is all about, from the hand of PenguinX.

The rights to privacy and anonymity of the online community and within the norms of our daily routines as human beings is a virtue that has been inevitable for decades, but that most countries / governments around the world have ignored in essence.

The concept of blockchain and cryptocurrencies emerged in the rides of online transactional anonymity and the financial challenge to authority that became popular because its programmers promoted them as private and secure. However, it has emerged that they are not and that transactions made using crypto can be tracked and monitored by stalking intruders.

Over time, with increased government scrutiny and unwanted invasion by phishers, users now realize that the world of cryptocurrencies is not as anonymous as most of them were led to believe.

Leaving them in paranoia and fear of crypto transactions given the notion that an intruder (hacker / government) can go to the blockchain dashboard and be able to analyze and monitor the origins, destinations and various variables of any transaction if they want … that contaminates the exclusive privacy rights as such.

PenguinX Mixer

PenguinX Mixer is changing all of this and restoring cryptocurrency enthusiasts their security and privacy as the first cryptocurrency mixer with a built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence) camera designed by experienced crypto experts to ensure mix modulation disconnects links. Transaction origin and destination terminals that leave no footprints or footprints on the blockchain, making the origin and destination of cryptos completely anonymous (invisible) to snoopers.

The entire mixing process at is done through a bulletproof private network with end-to-end encryption that makes you immune to attack and data leakage.

Why PenguinX Mixer?

2 pool system

Our operations reside within MP2C, that is, using 2 groups where receiving and sending are always different. One group only receives funds, the other only sends.

Multiple encryption support allows users to mix Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum instantly.

Automated interface

Equipped with a fully automated A.I interface that ensures you get your coins clean immediately after mixing, without delay.

Transactions without records

We DO NOT store transaction data / records and the currencies are safe to use after completing the mixing session.

Bulletproof server connections

Our off-shore servers are impenetrable and located in unique data centers, making your systems and operations immune to all types of attacks.

Untraceable mix

Cryptos mixed through our website cannot be listed using blockchain analysis or other forms of research. As a result, all mixed currencies are protected and cannot be tracked.

PenguinX Crypto Mixer

How does the crypto mixer work?

  1. Select the cryptocurrency you want to mix
  2. Enter the address of the receiving wallet
  3. Send coins to mix
  4. Receive clean and untraceable coins

We are not associated or involved in the promotion of criminal activities, but we simply offer a solution that protects the privacy and identity of crypto transactions.

Additionally, we are bringing a new phase where cryptocurrency holders / users can conveniently transact. Without worrying about someone monitoring your every move and activity on the blockchain.

Contact information

  • Email:
  • Telegram: @penguinxmixer

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