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What is the value of Bitcoin on this February 8?


The Bitcoin It has a quote that changes frequently with market movements. Therefore, showing what Bitcoin prices are for today can be very important for investors or those who plan to invest in cryptos; since this is one of the main cryptocurrencies of the entire market.

Bitcoin price according to the most popular exchange portals

Now, to know the price of Bitcoin You should simply access the most popular portals that show your quote; Among them you can find Binance, such as the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange, Plus500, CoinBase or others. However, each portal has a different price of BTC.

The price of Bitcoin is taken into account in order to perform analyzes, predictions, investments or other activities. Because of this, it is necessary to know daily what your quote is; in case you are related to the cryptocurrency market.


This exchange portal is one of the main worldwide, which could also be considered a blockchain ecosystem. There you can find a lot of services, including the daily price of BTC.

In Binance, the price of Bitcoin for this February 8 is USD 9,712, which is facing a slight upward trend, therefore, it is considered possible that this price increases during the course of today.


On the other hand you can also find Plus500, a platform that allows the purchase and sale of hundreds of assets, among them you can find Bitcoin, which dawned today with a price of 9,785 USD.

Although, as mentioned above, it is possible that it will continue to increase during the day.

Cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin value today
Bitcoin exceeds US $ 9,700 in the main exchange houses in the world


Finally we will talk about CoinBase, another platform that allows the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies; How could Bitcoin be? In this portal, the price of BTC for today, February 8, is USD 9,707. However, it has an upward trend, which indicates that it will increase the price of Bitcoin over the next few hours.

Relevant Bitcoin news this February 8

In addition to the daily price of Bitcoin, there are also several relevant news that should be exposed. Among them is that, Bitcoin will break the 9,000 USD barrier and will reach 10,000 within the next few hours; The arrival of Bitcoin at 10,000 USD is imminent.

On the other hand, it is also important to note that, some of the users of Venezuela that use BTC, may use a new ATM that is being installed in the capital of the country. This will allow you to sell / buy Bitcoin and Dash.

With this new equipment, belonging to the Panda Group, you can get dollars in cash by selling the cryptocurrencies. This not only benefits the users of Venezuela, it will also help tourists who own Bitcoin and wish to exchange their tokens for cash dollars.

For now there are not many details about the event, although one of the data that was released is that the minimum withdrawal will be 5 USD.

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