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What to expect from Bitcoin after the Coronavirus?


Definitely this whole situation of the Coronavirus á will change the lives of all of us. Whether it is local mobility or even between countries, meetings of many people or just friends. But, it could also switch to cryptoverse and Bitcoin. So we wonder what to expect from Bitcoin after the Coronavirus.

A new world is born

Although many of us may have already thought about it and discussed it with their friends and family, others may just want to forget it and escape from everything terrifying that the future looks like. The truth is that nothing will be the same once all this happens.

Uncertainty, lack of information, and anxiety about not knowing what the new dawn holds for us has been our day to day since the beginning of this year 2020, which will undoubtedly go down in history.

The number of people infected with the Coronavirus is around 1,200,000, and the number of deaths is over 60,000. Although we all know that there are many more than what the official figures are pointing to.

But, despite all the bad, Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies have been there, alongside humanity. Experiencing a fall in the first days of the crisis, just as everyone in the world did. Currently going through a decoupling, which has led to an increase in price, while most stocks continue to trend downward.

We can’t talk about what the world will be like after all this happens. But, whatever happens we know that we can count on Bitcoin.

What to expect from Bitcoin after the Coronavirus?

The new paradigm of humanity makes Bitcoin (BTC) face its biggest challenge so far. For milestones like this, and many more, it is what Bitcoin was created for, helping humanity is its mission of existence.

Inflation targets have disappeared worldwide. With the great economic powers printing money as if there were no tomorrow, it is that perhaps, in fact, there is not for traditional systems after all.

Perhaps we are on the verge of the arrival of high inflation once again in the big economies. They believed they had found the cure for this serious monetary disease, which still affects countries like Venezuela 🇻🇪 and Argentina 🇦🇷.

But, thanks to the drop that went over the glass, the Coronavirus, everything seems to have turned upside down for them.

Unemployment is already around 7 million people in the United States 🇺🇸, there are negative interest rates in the banks of the European Union 🇪🇺. Apparently the ghosts of the traditional financial system have reappeared, just as they did in 1930, 2000 and 2008. But this time, demons are microscopic 🦠.

While all this is happening, Bitcoin is recovering, and unlike 2008, this time it is not quiet. The world is gradually realizing that the traditional is rotten, and that cryptocurrencies could be the exit door.

Bitcoin could replace the banking system

The effects of the 2008 global crisis continue to wreak havoc. None of the fundamentals of why this situation was reached were solved. The European Central Bank had to resort to imposing negative interest rates on savers. Today, due to the Coronavirus, we seem to be taking these measures again.

While both they and the FED have resorted to monetary easing. Which is the process of printing dollars and euros indiscriminately, without any type of gold backing, or other asset.

This has raised many awkward questions, why work? or why do I pay taxes? Whether central banks can create money at their discretion when it suits them best.

Which has led the world economy to sit on a mountain of money that has no support whatsoever. While the big banks and institutions play with discretion with the few savings of the majority.

Let’s be honest, the money we have in the banks is not really ours. The effort for our work is based on lies.

It almost certainly means that Bitcoin after the Coronavirus and other cryptocurrencies will likely not be killed by the COVID-19 crisis, or indeed by any other market event.

With the growing crypto loan market; as the case of Binance for example; They have taken crypto verse one step further, offering positive interest rates on your savings. Unlike what many of our European brothers have to experience.

“These services are seen in an important position to replace the traditional financial and banking system in the coming years.”

We are already in an economic crisis

This is a statement that few dare to say, since the concerns of the majority of the population are in the Coronavirus, how to meet basic needs, and what the future will be like.

But, few have observed that we were sitting in a roller coaster car 🎢, they put our seat belts on, and we are hurrying down towards the bottom.

So, save yourself who can! Get away from the traditional financial system, save your money in the great safe havens; like gold or Bitcoin. Make some popcorn and see how the world economy will crumble in the coming weeks.

As you follow CryptoTrend, you will be comfortable with your crypto hodls observing a new step towards mass adoption.

You cannot say that now is the time. But, it is the task of everyone within the cryptoverse to be prepared for when the blindness of the Coronavirus disappears, and the panic begins for the state of the new world paradigm. May all people seeking help find an oasis in the crypto ecosystem.

So what to expect from Bitcoin after the Coronavirus? Well, continue helping humanity as it has been doing until now. Bitcoin’s time has come, and the opportunity should not be missed.

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