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Why is the Bitcoin SV Roadmap private?


Bitcoin SV has just experienced its Halving without any bad news, nor with any good news. This would be the perfect time for your new hodls to arrive and want to see your roadmap to see the future, although you can’t see it. Why is the Bitcoin SV Roadmap private?

Bitcoin SV Roadmap: The Story

Yes, as you are reading the Bitcoin SV (BSV) Roadmap is private, and if you want to see it, you must first be part of the circle of trust of the main developers and investors behind this altcoin.

Highlighting that BSV, originating from the Hard Fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), was created by the self-proclaimed “Satoshi” Craig Wright. It recently had its Halving event, the event did little to increase the price. In the past two days, the Hash Rate for BSV has plummeted.

Therefore, with the rewards decreasing just in half, and the prospects diminishing. They make the miners just not interested. And its “big investors” have been bleeding money trying to shore up BSV’s value with mediocre returns for far too long.

BSV Roadmap is private!

The decision that this is so comes from the leaders of this altcoin. And really, all of us within the crypto ecosystem find this way of proceeding quite curious. It has been pointed out like this by important figures of the cryptoverse, such as the founder of Dragon Industries, Arthur van Pelt:

“The Bitcoin SV Roadmap is only for people with a password now. 🤷‍♂️ ”

In the portal there is no way to create an account, or any way to obtain this “key”. Many have wondered “Would the true Vision of Satoshi (referencing the name this altcoin) be that a crypto roadmap could not be seen?

The answer that many detractors of this controversial cryptocurrency is that, even if the key to the Bitcoin SV Roadmap were known, it would lead nowhere.

“Perfect, we are totally lost on the road to nowhere”

On the other hand, others assured that the key of that document could be 1 2 3 4, “just like the security of the crypto”.

Perhaps Craig Wright, excuse me, Falstoshi Nakamoto is still writing the Bitcoin SV Roadmap. Oh, and let’s remember that this crypto is supposedly decentralized. ”

With the hash rate falling and without a real long-term strategy, BSV is in a pretty complicated situation. The Halving event was supposed to be the most important event for the BSV network, but it has passed with little attention, more interested in the fact that the Bitcoin SV Roadmap is private.

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