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Wikipedia will never use Bitcoin SV


On several occasions we have exposed how cryptocurrencies have been a representation of financial decentralization. However, before these came another decentralizing medium that changed the world, particularly students. We refer to the platform that managed to distribute the information universally, without restrictions, the great free encyclopedia, Wikipedia. On this occasion we will expose as the founder of this idea flatly rejects Bitcoin SV.


The founder of Wikipedia we refer to is Jimmy Wales, which has been active on social networks. This happens because of what we mentioned at the beginning of the article, since people use it as a reference to the ideal of decentralization. A similar case occurs with McAfee and cybersecurity, since it was successful with its antivirus.

In the case of Wikipedia, it focuses particularly on the decentralization of information, being one of the topics that cryptocurrencies propose. Therefore, Wales in interviews and social gatherings is often asked about this topic.

Today’s article refers to his latest comments, in which the topic of altcoins was touched, particularly a rather controversial one. We refer to the one that has been excluded several times by its creator, Bitcoin SV.


It all started with the advertising campaign of the people of CoinGeek, which are selling that Wales will represent Wikipedia in its next event. However, in Wales’ description the following was placed:

“Until the emergence of Bitcoin SV (BSV) to claim the original design of Bitcoin, no blockchain had the scalability to boost micro payments to efficiently reward better user information and handle the amazing amount of data that Wikipedia carries “

Posing that Wikipedia was interested and fascinated by Bitcoin SV. When Wales read this description, he quickly wrote a tweet clarifying the situation:

“Your marketing materials should be updated immediately, as people seem to be reading this as a kind of support from me. I will say what I think, which includes that BSV offers nothing to Wikipedia and that there is zero chance that we will ever use it. ”

Demonstrating in this way something totally opposite to what CoinGeek said, being that Wales manifests as Bitcoin SV does not contribute anything to the Wikipedia platform.

Faced with this situation, Twitter people were alarmed, particularly one of the organizers of the event, who responded to the founder of Wikipedia:

“Hi Jimmy, I’m the producer of the conference you’re talking about. I have asked my team to make the changes I want. I have not seen what you mean. Having a skeptic with us is good. I hope you understand where you are outside the base after seeing everything 🤓 ”

To which Wales replies that “everything is fine as long as it is clear that Bitcoin SV will never be adopted by Wikipedia.” To which Calvin replies that at no time is what Wales claims.

However, if you observe the description of Wales on the CoinGeek page literally the second paragraph reflects what the founder of Wikipedia refers to.

Although we are interested in knowing your opinion, do you think that the paragraph we show reflects a position as if Wikipedia were to adopt Bitcoin SV, or is it an exaggeration of Wales?

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