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Will Generation Z be the protagonist of Bitcoin?


In these times the generational change has been a great challenge. Therefore, we must continue to prepare for Generation Z, who are now joining the workforce and have become a significant group of consumers. Will they be the new protagonists of Bitcoin?

Do you know what Generation Z is?

Well, if you have never heard of “generation Z”, today we tell you what exactly it is and if they could be the new protagonists of Bitcoin.

The communication professor at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Mireia Montaña, describes them as:

“This new generation, born in full swing of social networks, would range from pre-teens to young people in their early 20s.”

In addition, they have these characteristics:

  1. Generation Z is also known as postmillennial or centennial.
  2. They are the true digital natives.
  3. They do not conceive of a world without Wi-Fi, YouTube or Instagram.
  4. They can use up to five devices at once, being highly dependent on technology.
  5. They are used to multitasking and processing multiple sources of information at the same time.
  6. Generation Z, are more self-sufficient and self-taught.
  7. They look for jobs with flexible schedules and from home, which allow them to reconcile with the rest of their life.
  8. Generation Z works for personal success.

These exposed qualities, which define people of generation Z, reflect why they could be the new protagonists of Bitcoin.

The digital age in Gen Z

Similarly, mobile technology, social media, and Internet use have become increasingly important to teens.

As a consequence, young people are using the Internet as a tool to acquire social skills, which they then apply to real-life situations.

As a result, the increasing use of mobile technology has caused members of this generation Z to spend more time on their smartphones and on social media.

Most importantly, Generation Z is expected to lead humanity into an era of financial technology, while driving Bitcoin adoption.

Bitcoin stars

Generation Z is now the largest generation in the world. For example, it represents almost 30% of the population of the United States.

They are teenagers and in their early 20s, and most will not actively invest due to lack of income and savings. However, they are well educated and politically active. Therefore, we could have them as the protagonists of Bitcoin.

In addition, the young and future protagonists of Bitcoin will come from the age of investment, in perhaps the worst recession in generations, with job security at record lows and growing doubts about the resistance of fiat currencies.

To conclude, as the digital investment culture evolves, based on applications like cryptocurrencies, they will too. This generation Z plays a fundamental role in society, as they create and help shape our future.

If you are from generation Z, then you can be the protagonist of Bitcoin. What do you think? Let me know in the comment box.

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