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Win in the financial markets without investing anything


You don’t have to risk your money, buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, or Tether to benefit from the development of Blockchain technology and get excited again with cryptocurrencies. The same goes for stocks or any other market. It is enough that you meet other people interested in trading and recommend a platform to win in the financial markets.

How to do it? Join a lucrative affiliate network. You do not have to invest a penny. Just comment on the news and share referral links. It is crucial to choose the right product to promote. You can waste a lot of time in affiliation with a product that nobody wants to use. Even if they offer you a high commission, you will not earn anything, since nobody will pay for something that is not good.

That’s why you should choose an affiliate program that:

  1. Offer you a share in the earnings for life, not a single commission. A lifetime participation model gives you the opportunity to build a network that will eventually become a constant source of passive income for you. You also want it to be multilevel, so that the affiliates you brought can create their own affiliate network that works for you.
  2. You need a really good product. It is very difficult to sell average products, while good products are sold automatically.

SimpleFX has it all.

A great trading on mobile devices is the best feature of the SimpleFX Webtrader. Earn money with every transaction your affiliates make!
A great trading on mobile devices is the best feature of the SimpleFX Webtrader. Earn money with every transaction your affiliates make!

First, it is a great product. SimpleFX WebTrader has won multiple awards for its great ease of use on mobile devices, its remarkable speed and its strong user community. It is growing very fast – as it has 235,000 active traders worldwide. Growth is driven primarily by … the affiliate program. No ads, only networks and word of mouth marketing.

SimpleFX Webtrader is a trading platform, where you can buy or sell anything (crypto, stocks, gold, and more). You can manage accounts in dollars, euros or cryptocurrencies. And the important thing is that they have no minimum deposits.

In 2019 SimpleFX went viral, and managed to maintain its momentum until 2020. In early 2020, they introduced payments on Tether and a new website. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to make a profit by taking advantage of its success.

Finally, they offer up to a 25% share in the lifetime income of each account registered with your link!

How to do it?

Just visit Register an account with your email. It is not necessary to make a deposit.

Once you sign up for SimpleFX, click on the ☰ icon in the upper left corner of the application and then choose “Refer friends” from the menu. You will be redirected to the affiliate control panel. For greater transparency, SimpleFX uses a third-party affiliate tracking system:

Affiliate marketing campaigns are there for you to use. We have just added a set of «Winter Trading» banners. You can use them or simply share referral links.

In the affiliate panel, you’ll see the results of your efforts: the views of your ads, clicks, conversions, and most importantly, direct and multi-level revenue in USD. The member of the example has obtained $ 1392.52 of direct income in a month. That is quite impressive.

Try it today. The sooner you start sharing your referral links, the sooner they will provide you with passive income.

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