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Winklevoss brothers claim to own 1% of BTC


Since the birth of Bitcoin eleven years ago, there have been dozens of people who have become extraordinarily rich thanks to the cryptocurrency. Especially after the abrupt increase in its price during the great bull rally of 2017. However, until now the fortunes of many of these crypto millionaires had been secret. What begins to change now that the Winklevoss brothers claim to own $ 2 billion thanks to Bitcoin.

The Winklevoss brothers in the crypto world

The crypto world is rife with personalities and opinion makers, who influence the way the cryptocurrency community thinks and acts. Ranging from successful entrepreneurs like Changpeng Zhao and Justin Sun, to market analysts like Max Keizer and Scott Melker. But few crypto influencers have as interesting a story as the Winklevoss brothers.

And it is that Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss began their journey in the world of cryptocurrencies thanks to Facebook. Well, after filing a lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg for allegedly having stolen the idea for the creation of the social network. The Winklevoss brothers invested 11 of the 65 million resulting from their agreement with Facebook in Bitcoin.

This could have seemed risky, practically insane, in 2011. However, time would end up rewarding the Winklevoss’ decision. Well, with the arrival of the great bullish rally of 2017, and all the movements that the cryptocurrency has experienced in recent years, the fortune of the brothers multiplied exponentially. Allowing them to become two of the most prominent figures in the market, and found their own exchange, Gemini.

The Winklevoss’ Bitcoin fortune

However, until now the extent of the Winklevoss brothers’ fortune had been a secret to the crypto world. Since, although it was possible to speculate on the growth of the value of 11 million dollars put into Bitcoin in 2011, it was not possible to know the profits generated by the Winklevoss businesses, or the expenses made by the brothers in these years.

However, within the framework of a interview With Dave Portnoy, the Winklevoss brothers have finally confirmed the extent of their wealth. Stating that they would currently own 1% of all Bitcoins in existence. Which would represent at least 184,610 BTC, which at its current price of $ 11,838, would be equivalent to around $ 2.18 billion in the cryptocurrency.

Winklevoss brothers claim to own $ 2 billion thanks to the rise in the price of Bitcoin. Source: Coindesk
Winklevoss brothers claim to own $ 2 billion thanks to the rise in the price of Bitcoin. Source: CoinDesk

We think of Bitcoin as the gold of the internet. So it has the same qualities that make gold valuable, the fact that it is scarce, Bitcoin is actually of fixed value even though it is digital. Live on the Internet. If you think about why gold is interesting, Bitcoin is gold for the Internet“. The Winklevoss brothers commented on the reasons why they trust Bitcoin.

Thus, even though they have amassed a significant fortune thanks to their stake in Bitcoin. The Winklevoss brothers do not seem to intend to sell their cryptocurrency savings anytime soon. So we can expect that the assets of these crypto influencers will continue to increase along with the price of BTC. Showing the confidence that cryptocurrency provides to investors like the Winklevoss.

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