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With Bitcoin (BTC) you can buy a jet


According to news outlet Business Insider, US-based Aviatrade is selling a 2014 Gulfstream G650ER for $ 40 million. Most notably, it can be purchased using Bitcoin (BTC).

Indeed, Aviatrade is a private aircraft sales agency, based in New Jersey, United States. By the way, it has launched a new platform that allows the acquisition of aircraft with Bitcoin (BTC).

You can buy the Gulfstream G650ER with BTC

So far, the purchase price is 40 million dollars, because it has less than 1,200 hours and a range of 13,800 kilometers. But, you can pay it with Bitcoin. In this sense, a little more than 3,700 BTC will be required, at the current price.

In fact, the 7,500-nautical-mile range of the aircraft makes it a favorite among jets.

In particular, it has operated for six years in New Zealand and Asia, but now it has returned to its place of origin, in Savannah, Georgia, USA, where it is inspected by Gulfstream, awaiting its new owner, who wants to buy it. with BTC.

In this regard, the president of Aviatrade, Philip Rushton, said: “Payment in cash may be subject to cross-border restrictions in some countries. Therefore, buyers could save considerably by trying another technique to finance such an expensive purchase. For example, cancel with BTC”.

As a curious fact, some of the best known billionaires, who own the same airplane model are Jeff Bezos and Elon musk. The respective CEOs of Amazon and Tesla.

Other companies that offer Bitcoin as part of payment

It is indisputable, that cryptocurrencies increasingly impact the economy. Their employment has spread so much that they are used to pay the payroll of a football club or to buy a plane at Aviatrade.

So Aviatrade is not the first to promote private jets for Bitcoin. Also, Kaizen Aerospace, a company dedicated to the sale, rental of aircraft and charter flights, accepts BTC for all its services.

Because of this, Fabrizio Poli, president of Kaizen, stated: “An advantage of accepting cryptocurrencies is that the negotiation can be closed at any time. If someone calls on a Saturday to hire a charter flight, it is not possible to process the payment by bank transfer”.

He also added: “We are offering clients the opportunity to pay in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for our services, whether they buy a plane, perform maintenance or whatever.”.

Cryptocurrencies as a payment option

Similarly, the aviation sector has been working steadily to integrate digital finance. For example, Brisbane Airport (BNE) announced that travelers could spend cryptocurrencies to shop and dine in their stores.

Also, the global payment platform Universal Air Travel Plan partnered with Bitnet. To allow more than 260 airlines to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment option.

In addition to airfare, travelers can also use Bitcoin to purchase train tickets from Amtrak, the National Railroad Passenger Corporation that operates in the United States and Canada. Passengers can travel to more than 500 destinations in these two countries via more than 30 train routes.

Norwegian Airlines even revealed the Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX). To help facilitate payments within the airline industry.

Currently, companies that accept cryptocurrencies are growing. By the way, the establishments that offer offers in Bitcoin to the travelers, is becoming more and more sophisticated.

To conclude, with Bitcoin, it doesn’t matter if you are buying a Gulfstream or a pair of shoes. Most importantly, the transaction fee remains the same.

I say goodbye with this phrase from Sheryl Sandberg: “If they offer you a rocket ride, don’t ask which seat! Just get on”.

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