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You must invest if or if in Bitcoin


In our portal we have already commented on several occasions that Bitcoin is undoubtedly the best investment of the last decade. For what has become a necessity in any investment portfolio; At least if you know what is being done.

Bitcoin is the best investment ever

In many Hollywood movies we have seen characters traveling through time. And in many of them we have observed the science fiction characters invest in this or that action, or buy a lottery ticket of a specific day; or making a bet of any kind. But wouldn’t it have been better to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) in 2009?

Suppose we were one of those movie characters and we can travel back in time until 2009; and we only have in our pockets a $ 100 bill. If we had rushed and bought with all our BTC money; We would acquire a small amount of them. About 33,333.33 Bitcoin exactly, which would be equivalent today to a small amount of $ 317 billion. Isn’t Bitcoin the best investment of the decade and even in the history of mankind?

Bitcoin is a MUST in any portfolio

But, being a little more realistic, the performance of the world’s first cryptocurrency has surpassed gold, stock exchanges, or any other action in any stock exchange in the world in the last 2 years.

This has forced any serious investor to acquire positions in BTC. According to Morgan Creek Capital CEO Mark Yusko:

Each and every one of the investment portfolios must have a minimum position of 1% in BTC.

Mark Yusko

In recent times, many investors have taken advantage of high volatility; and the big price movements of BTC to generate juicy returns. Therefore, it is an increasingly common suggestion “Diversify the portfolios to the crypts.”

The high volatility of Bitcoin in many occasions is interpreted as a very high risk on the part of institutional capital; It has also been one of the main problems to achieve its goal of mass adoption.

But, seeing it from the other side of the cryptocurrency. Volatility is one of the main characteristics that call those who want, and can, generate such large returns on investment.

Diversify the risk

Whatever the investment in Bitcoin (BTC) looks like, the truth is that if it is risky, and perhaps too much. But, he would be a completely blind person if he refuses the incredible returns of this. Or a completely naive person if he thinks it is a safe investment.

Leaving aside the wonderful features that Bitcoin (BTC) can offer. And focusing solely on price and volatility; the risk should be diversified if or if in our portfolio, at least when we talk about cryptocurrencies.

There is a key saying in the world of investments. “Do not invest what you can not lose”. Therefore, you have to take off any Bitcoin pro shirt, or even Anti Bitcoin, and start diversifying your investment portfolios.

Listening to the words of financial experts could save those who have everything if money in BTC, from losing much of their savings from one second to another (or from losing incredible returns in a sudden bull run). And I could allow a piece of the juicy cake, to those who don’t trust even BTC.

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Ernesto Briceño Leonett

Economics student of the UCV. Defender of individual freedoms and of course also of the market and cryptocurrencies.

Ernesto Briceño Leonett

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