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Cool, comfortable weather to grace the Northeast, Great Lakes


June 14 (UPI) — An injection of cool Canadian air has filtered southward into the Great Lakes and Northeast just in time for the weekend, and due to a combination of atmospheric roadblocks, tranquil conditions will stick around right into the rest of the week.

High temperatures that surged well into the 80s and 90s last week will be a distant memory this weekend as 60s will be much more common. The midsummerlike humidity will be a distant memory also, as a comfortable air mass takes hold.

As the cold air forced its way southward on Friday night, frost advisories were posted for portions of northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and southern Canada.

The cooler, and at times, chilly air is coming courtesy of an area of high pressure over south-central Canada. This feature will help to create a flow of air from the northwest across the Midwest, New England and the central Appalachians.

“Temperatures will swing to 5-15 degrees below average for the middle of June this weekend,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Nicole LoBiondo.

With dry conditions in store across a majority of the Northeast and Great Lakes this weekend, the forecast will be perfect to open up the windows in the house to let the fresh air inside.

While the dry conditions will be favorable for outdoor activities across the Northeast, conditions have been rather dry over the past month, especially across portions of New England and in areas along the Atlantic Coast. According to the US drought monitor, abnormally dry conditions have expanded across the region as a result.

Through a majority of the week, any appreciable rainfall may be difficult to come by as a combination of atmospheric entities restrict storm systems from tracking into the Northeast and New England.

Farther south across portions of the mid-Atlantic and Carolinas, a vastly different scenario is expected to play out as drenching showers and thunderstorms will target the region, increasing flooding concerns.

The storm system responsible for this threat will get dislodged from the strong jet stream winds aloft this weekend, causing it to become nearly stationary. With no additional storm systems coming into the area to force it off the Atlantic Coast, multiple days of rainfall will drench areas from the mid-Atlantic into the Carolinas and the Southeast this week.

All of the adverse weather is expected to stay off to the south of the Northeast at least through early week. AccuWeather meteorologists are continuing to monitor the possibility of wet weather slowly creeping northward by mid-to-late week.

At this point in time, it is possible that portions of New England could remain nearly rain-free through a majority of the week given the current atmospheric pattern.


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