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Four states races too close to call as Trump legal challenges continue


Nov. 8 (UPI) — While former Vice President Joe Biden secured enough electoral votes to become president of the United States, races in four states remained too close to call as election officials continue to tabulate votes.

Biden secured 279 electoral votes to claim the presidency over incumbent President Donald Trump’s 214 electoral votes on Saturday, but races in Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona and Alaska were still undecided early Sunday, according to tallies by CNN, NBC News and The New York Times.

Trump has not conceded the race and his campaign has issued a number of legal challenges to results in states that have been called in favor of Biden or where he holds a lead.

In Georgia, Biden maintained a 10,196 vote lead over Trump with 2,465,501 votes (49.5%) to Trump’s 2,455,305 (49.3%) with 99% of the vote counted.

A recount is expected to determine who will ultimately claim the state’s 16 electoral votes, as the process is forced if the difference between candidates is 0.5% or less.

Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams told CNN’s State of the Union Sunday that she believes Biden will maintain his lead in the state even in the face of the pending recount.

“The results will be the same, Joe Biden has won the state of Georgia,” Abrams said.

Trump led the battle for North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes on Sunday with 2,733,681 votes (50%), leaving Biden trailing by 75,407 with a total of 2,658,274 with 98% of votes tallied.

With 97% of votes tallied in Arizona, Biden held a lead of 18,610 votes, with a total of 1,631,195 (49.5%) over Trump’s 1,612,585 (48.9%).

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit on Saturday, alleging that poll workers did not notify in-person voters when the electronic ballot tabulation machines detected an “overvote,” indicating that a voter had selected more than the number of candidates allowed in a certain race.

Only 47% of votes were counted in Alaska, on Saturday as Trump held a commanding lead of 108,231 (62.9%) to Biden’s 33% 56,849.

Trump on Sunday morning shared various quotes alleging issues with the way some votes were tabulated as he continued his efforts to challenge the result of the election.

Former Republican presidential candidate Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, said he has not seen evidence of widespread voter fraud in the United States.

“I do believe, however, that is destructive to the cause of Democracy to suggest widespread fraud or corruption. There’s just no evidence of that at this stage,” he told CNN’s State of the Union. “And I think it’s important for us to recognize that the world is watching.”


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