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LG says it will accelerate automation in wake of coronavirus


SEOUL, April 17 (UPI) — South Korea-based LG Electronics said it will accelerate robotic process automation to around 400 new tasks by the end of the year, as the government continues to encourage social distancing to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

RPA refers to the technology of dealing with repetitive tasks on the back of software robots or artificial intelligence, which a mounting number of multinational companies have adopted.

Such automation has drawn large investments from global info-tech companies, with a market size expected to top $5 billion in the mid-2000s.

LG Electronics, which has applied RPA technology to about 500 jobs, including sales, purchasing, accounting and marketing, plans to expand its application to more complicated work. It aims for a total of 900 jobs using RPA by the beginning of 2021.

“Currently, our robotic software replaces human works amounting to 12,000 hours a month. Then our employees will be able to focus on more innovative and valuable tasks,” an LG official told UPI News Korea.

The COVID-19 outbreak also urges other companies to use RPA for routine work.

UiPath Korea said earlier this year it will offer RPA tools to check the health conditions of its employees amid the virus.


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