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Strong rise in the price of oil after Iran’s attack on US bases

Strong rise in the price of oil after Iran's attack on US bases


Iran’s missile attack on the United States raised future oil price indexes by more than 4%, both in the WTI and Brent variant. On the latter, Argentine oil prices are referenced.

The price of a barrel of Brent oil had already exceeded $ 70 on Monday for escalating tensions in the Middle East, after the assassination last Friday in Baghdad of Iranian commander Qasem Soleimaní at the hands of the United States.

The conflict in the Middle East threatens the supply of crude oil both from Iran and from Iraq and other countries in the area.

Among other pressures, about a fifth of global oil supplies pass through the Strait of Hormuz , a strategic enclave between Oman and Iran.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday night, the future indexes of the main Wall Street prices also fell: S&P 500 (-1.59%): Nasdaq (-1.82%) and Dow (-1.44%), Like the main bags in Asia.

Gold also rose above $ 1,600 an ounce, the highest level in more than six years, converted into a commodity shelter.

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