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Wall Street closes in red for employment data worse than expected

Wall Street closes in red for employment data worse than expected


Wall Street closed this Friday with its three main negative indicators after December’s employment data in the US. were less positive than expected and that the annual growth of wages in the same month grew less than experts had predicted.

At the close of the session at the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones of Industrialists , which during the session reached the milestone of 29,000 points, fell 0.46% or 133.47 points, to 28,823.43 integers ; and the S&P 500 fell 0.29% or 9.36 points, to 3,265.34.

The composite market index Nasdaq, which brings together major technology companies, decreased 0.27% or 24.57 points, to 9,178.86.

Almost all sectors closed in negative territory, especially financial (-0.78%), industrial (-0.71%), energy (-0.64%), non-essential products (-0, 73%) and raw materials (-0.42%).

Only three sectors ended the positive session: real estate (0.95%), public services (0.24%) and sanitary (0.04%).

The New York parquet has received with pessimism the employment data, which grew in December in 145,000 jobs instead of the 160,000 expected by economists previously surveyed by the Dow Jones.

The annual growth of wages in December, which has grown by 2.9% and not 3.1% expected, has also been a slight blow, the first time since July that US salaries grow less than 3% .

Added to these issues, analysts say, is some concern about the levels of US consumer spending and fear of a possible economic slowdown.

In general, Friday’s session was quiet compared to the movements experienced during this week because of geopolitical tensions between the United States and Iran.

On this front, the administration of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has announced on Friday new economic sanctions on Iran that add to those already announced on Wednesday.

In addition, investors expect details regarding the consequences of the Chinese delegation’s visit to Washington led by Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu He to complete the signing of the first phase of the trade agreement between China and the United States.

Donald Trump said he would like the agreement signed on June 15 or shortly thereafter.

Among the 30 listed of the Dow Jones, the losses of Boeing (NYSE: BA ) (-1.91%) predominated, which today has faced a new scandal after the publication of internal messages that could suggest that the commissioning of 737 Max, involved in two fatal accidents, was approved under false pretenses by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Companies such as Travelers (NYSE: TRV ) (-1.53%), Dow Inc (-1.32%), United Technologies (NYSE: UTX ) (-1.17), JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM ) also closed in red and Chase (-1%), Chevron (NYSE: CLC ) (-0.91%), Exxon (NYSE: XOM ) (-0.89%) or Walgreens (NASDAQ: WBA ) (-0.84%).

They closed in green Pfizer (NYSE: PFE ) (1.54%), Coca Cola (NYSE: KO ) (0.34%), United Health (NYSE: UNH ) (0.31%) and Visa (NYSE: V ) (0.27%), among others.

In other markets, Texas oil yielded 0.87%, to $ 59.04; and at the close of Wall Street, gold rose to $ 1,562 an ounce, the yield of the 10-year Treasury bond fell to 1.82% and the dollar lost ground against the euro, with a change of 1,112.

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