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Watch: Anderson Cooper gives parenting advice from his mother Gloria Vanderbilt on ‘WWHL’


June 22 (UPI) — Anderson Cooper gave parenting advice he’s learned from his late mother Gloria Vanderbilt while appearing on Watch What Happens Live with his newborn son Wyatt Morgan.

“The biggest thing she kind of taught me was really by example, which was just that she was incredibly, as a parent, sort of treated me as an adult and not as like a kid,” Cooper told host Andy Cohen on Sunday.

“She listened to me, both of my parents listened to me and would ask me questions and expect me to have opinions on things. I think there’s something tremendously valuable in that of just treating me like an adult whose opinions matter,” the news anchor continued.

Cooper and Cohen also had a virtual meet and greet between Wyatt and Cohen’s 1-year-old son Benjamin.

“If you like him half as much as I like his daddy, you’re gonna be great friends,” Cohen said to Benjamin about Cooper and Wyatt.

Cooper announced the arrival of Wyatt via surrogate in April. He is named after Cooper’s late father.


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