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Are apps really helpful when buying or selling real estate?


Are you thinking about buying a property or maybe have one that you would like to sell? Are you wondering how much this property is actually worth? No problem, it’s quick and easy from home – at least that’s what more and more apps for real estate valuation promise.

Numerous digital helpers bustle in the app stores. Some of them are completely free, while others charge money for an evaluation. But how good are these apps? Can you really rely on the result or do they only create confusion?

Take a photo and the value of the property will appear

In order to be able to use such apps at all, it is usually necessary for users to provide various private data such as name, email or telephone number. Then a photo of the property is taken and the determined value is displayed. However, the photos are not really decisive. These are only used to determine whether the photographed object is an apartment or a house using artificial intelligence.

Rather, other information, such as the transmitted GPS data, comes to the fore, because the location in particular determines the value of a property. Data such as living space, year of construction or number of rooms must then be entered manually.

Do these apps provide reliable information?

“I judge apps for real estate valuation carefully. Since the ratings are based on a few criteria and important parameters are missing, they can lead to questionable results. The apps are therefore not used for a serious assessment, ”reports Dominique Ackermann, independent real estate consultant. But that is obviously not the goal of the digital helpers, rather they are intended to provide a clue.

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To get a rough overview, apps for determining the value of a property are generally quite suitable. In addition, however, it becomes difficult, because then you usually have to rely on specialist knowledge and thus a professional consultant.

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