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Aspects under the microscope: new or used iPhone? The advantages and disadvantages message


Growing share of used smartphones

The iPhone – a luxury product with which millions of people decorate themselves worldwide. However, the expensive new prices of Apple smartphones mean that the second-hand market for used smartphones and, above all, iPhones is growing continuously. Because many consumers are faced with the question of whether a used iPhone may be the more worthwhile alternative.

With the prices of newly released products rising annually, buying second-hand iPhones is more popular today than it has ever been. Even for the cheapest model in the current Apple series, consumers have to pay a full 799 euros in the new version.

Accordingly, many iPhone users buy their device second-hand and at cheaper conditions. In this way, high quality can be acquired at affordable prices, which are often over 50 percent lower than for new products.

Second-hand may offer the best value for money

It is clear that the new models offer more performance, whether a better screen or camera, faster processors and new features. The manufacturers are tempted to make it clear to consumers every year that they need a new smartphone.

In principle, however, the latest iPhone generally does not contain any groundbreaking new technology, if you compare it with the previous year’s model. It is therefore worth taking a look at the used one when you consider the price / performance ratio.

And the argument of the price / performance ratio is a strong one, because people are usually always looking for the best product at the best possible price.

So the question remains whether the latest iPhone corresponds to our understanding of a good price / performance ratio or whether we would rather forego one or the other new feature in order to save 30 to over 50 percent of the price. In addition to the purchase of used equipment, it protects the climate and the environment in addition to your wallet.

If you are concerned about the condition of used goods and value a warranty from the seller, you don’t have to do this with the second-hand iPhone either. Because professional dealers offer both quality controls and guarantees.

Dealer in the test

If you have decided to buy a used smartphone, you only have to find the right provider. Connect, a specialist magazine for electronics and technology, has taken on the task and tested the five best-known providers.

As part of the test, the Connect team ordered a total of 20 smartphones from reBuy, Smallbug, Buyzoxs, Asgoodasnew and Clevertronic. Several iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 models were ordered, all devices were declared as “good” or “like new”. Four of the dealers largely generate their inventory from purchases by private individuals, only Smallbug procures the products of dealers, the report reveals.

All common functions were checked and the actual condition of the respective device was evaluated. In addition, the information provided by the retailer was compared with the current status of the smartphone to determine how accurately the devices are described on the platforms.

The result of the test was that only one of the 20 smartphones would have been returned due to deep scratches, which would be a quota of five percent for this measurement. All providers were rated “good” or better by the testers, with Clevertronic being the comparison winner. The company offers the best price / performance ratio and the platform impresses with a simple purchase process. In terms of quality, however, the used smartphones from Smallbug were particularly convincing.

The provider reBuy could not convince one hundred percent, here the devices showed some signs of wear and they were not cleaned. In addition, reBuy charges the highest prices. ReBuy offers a 36-month guarantee and has the most extensive range.

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