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Association warns of problems with water supply from Tesla factory | message


GRNHEIDE (dpa-AFX) – Given the plans for the first part of the factory of US electric car manufacturer Tesla in Brandenburg, there are warnings of uncertainties in the water supply. The Wasserverband Strausberg-Erkner (WSE) considers the supply to be unsecured and raises the alarm. Economics Minister Jrg Steinbach (SPD) was surprised. “All of the discussions that have been held on the subject of water so far have shown that the problems ahead are solvable and that the Tesla project is not endangered,” he told the German Press Agency on Saturday. The Environment Ministry also sees no danger: Environment Minister Axel Vogel (Grne) said that the water board had also given a positive forecast for the first expansion stage.

WSE association leader Andr Bhler previously warned in an internal letter that the drinking water was too low: “The fact that we neither had sufficient permits in July 2020 nor the necessary development contract was concluded gives cause for concern.” All further expansion stages for the development of the Tesla factory could not be made without serious changes and expansions. Radio Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) reported on the letter on Friday evening. It is also available to the German press agency.

The WSE fears that if the factory is expanded further, there may not be enough water reserves for the region. In addition, Tesla has not yet signed a contract for the development, writes the water association leader. “A timely connection cannot be guaranteed under these conditions – especially since the Tesla company already needs the connections (drinking and dirty water) in November 2020.” The Ministry of Economic Affairs said that a legally sound application from the WSE was still pending.

From July of next year, Tesla plans to roll up to 500,000 vehicles a year from the assembly line in Grnheide in Brandenburg. The final environmental approval from the state of Brandenburg is still pending. Tesla is already building at its own risk through early approvals. The Brandenburg State Environment Agency recently gave the green light for the foundation and structural work with an early start.

Nature conservationists and citizens fear negative consequences for the environment. On Saturday, critics protested the planned settlement on the Tesla site./vr/DP/zb

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