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Autonomous driving: self-driving Tesla taxis later this year? | message


Elon Musk builds on “Tesla Network”
Politics as an obstacle to implementation
Development not yet completed

In 2019, Tesla founder Elon Musk announced that Tesla’s electric cars will be able to drive fully autonomously by 2020. And Musk is sticking to this plan even during the corona pandemic. This year, up to one million so-called robotaxis are said to be on the streets.

“Tesla Network” as the basis

The Californian carmaker already presented the idea of ​​the “Tesla Network” in 2016. The network provides that owners can send their vehicles on autonomous taxi rides when they don’t need it themselves. According to Musk’s calculations, every Tesla owner could generate annual sales of around $ 30,000. The Tesla would pay off on its own.

According to assessments by the t3n magazine, Musk considers “regulators worldwide to be the bottleneck in the implementation of the autonomous Tesla fleet.” Functionally, every Tesla vehicle would be able to become part of the network. According to information from t3n, all that is required is an over-the-air software update.

Tesla takes a different path

Musk focuses on making the cars self-driving primarily with cameras. Much of the industry, on the other hand, uses expensive laser radars. The existing robot car software is trained by cars that are on the road.

Musk announced on Twitter that the functionality was very good this year. According to the website, Tesla’s on-board computer is considered one of the best for autonomous driving. However, Tesla is still working on the software for so-called full self-driving. Still, Tesla seems to be on the right track.

In addition, the Tesla boss announced that in two years the American automaker would build his vehicles without a steering wheel or pedals. It remains to be seen whether Musk can achieve his goals.

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