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Bayer and Tesla – strike now? | message


Dear readers, what will we do next in our depots? Well – given the volatility, great opportunities will continue to arise. (By the way – our next training day is on November 10th!) In the turbo service we were able to increase the winning streak of successful DAX trades to 25 in a row! Remove. We also collect profits in the SR90TP. Our readers deserve 220% in this certificate, which we use tactically and it is still good. Then – Varta. We had won winnings there 4 weeks ago. Possibly. This week rebuilding possibly also a trade in Bayer and Tesla. There are also very interesting investment alternatives with a long investment horizon, keyword bond replacement with a very high coupon. In addition – DAX-Long? We say where … We also have a turbo-inline combination which is very exciting. We took on Nel Asa with a great product and in addition we had built up 50% liquidity in the trading depot, which we have been using specifically for a few days, last Friday. At 13,250, we were out DAX Long, and have accessed selectively since 12,600. This continues – according to our behavioral finance approach. This enabled us to leave the DAX far behind us in the sideways phase since June. Now it’s time to be active and act in the coming days and weeks. This is what we do – here in the exchange service with all trades with you at the same minute. Autumn will be exciting, we look forward to it with you! Incidentally, today also with audio and video for DAX, Nikola, Grenke, 1 & 1 and much more …

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