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Buying Opportunities: Jim Cramer: Five Market Segments That Can Withstand Corona | message


• Uncertainty in the stock markets is increasing
• Jim Cramer: Current situation is not a “sell all” moment
• Stock market expert recommends five “COVID-safe bull markets”

When the corona pandemic spread to Europe, the USA and large parts of the world in the spring and governments reacted with lockdowns in many places, uncertainty also increased on the stock markets – investors fled in droves. Now the number of corona infections is rising again worldwide in the cold season. In Europe there are already more restrictions on public life and uncertainty is growing again.

Stock exchange expert Jim Cramer has a tip for investors as to which market segments offer an opportunity despite the corona pandemic.

No panic

Despite the rising number of cases and tightening of restrictions, the current situation is not a “sell all” moment, according to CNBC’s Jim Cramer. Cramer said it “felt a little like March” as investors panicked, but said viewers should be ready to spot buying opportunities in certain bull markets.

“If you want to be psychologically prepared for days like today, you must have this shopping list because the market only triggers a sale when you … least expect it,” Cramer explained on Mad Money. “You can’t rummage without a game plan, there’s too much chance of buying the wrong thing.” Cramer advises investors to hit five key areas of the market.

These five sectors are worth a look

“If you are concerned that stocks will continue to be brought to their knees, head for some of these COVID-safe bull markets,” said Cramer, naming 5G, digitization, hygiene, home renovation and the auto market as such.

The new 5G technology cannot be stopped by any pandemic or problems in Congress or in the White House. As a result, Cramer recommends stocks of companies related to 5G technology, such as Marvell Technology, Broadcom and QUALCOMM, to investors. In the second bull market he identified, digitization, Cramer recommends buying Microsoft because the company is not dependent on external influences such as the US election or an economic stimulus package. The “Mad Money” host regards the hygiene sector as another market segment that offers buying opportunities despite the corona crisis, which has become more important in light of the spread of the corona virus. The stock exchange expert cites Procter & Gamble, Clorox and L Brands as examples. The fourth key market, which is unimpressed by the developments around the corona pandemic or is likely to benefit from it, is Cramer in the area of ​​house modernization. During the Corona crisis, which for many people brought restrictions on public life, travel restrictions and working in the home office, some of them are likely to spend their money in their own home, which is currently a lot, instead of vacation or other major purchases Time is spent investing. Cramer sees opportunities in this sector in the stocks of Masco, Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart. Jim Cramer names the car market as the fifth COVID-safe bull market – among other things, because under the current circumstances nobody feels safe using public transport or shared vehicles. Here he mentions Ford, Tesla and Lithia Motors as possible buying opportunities. editorial team

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