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BVB share: Despite CL victory in the red – that’s important now


SDAX and DAX are falling sharply – cautious recovery in prospect

For the time being, the DAX could start an attempt on Thursday to recover from the previous day’s losses. For the SDAX, too, things are looking up to start the day. With 11,495 points, this is just under 0.34 hundredths up. On Wednesday, the leading index was 4.17 percent lower at 11,560 points. The federal and state governments had discussed and communicated further measures to contain the corona pandemic. Now that the cat is out of the bag, the first courageous bargain hunters dare to take the package. The hour of the price hunters may have struck. For fear of severe restrictions, which could cause great damage to the economy, yesterday investors in places panicked for cover. For politicians it remains a tightrope act to fight COVID-19 effectively on the one hand and not stall the economic engine again on the other.

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BVB share: Investors look at infection events in the old world

Investors should look at the development of the dynamic infection process in the old world with eagle eyes. A further deterioration in the coming weeks should result in further measures. On the other hand, bad news could also be good news again. The hope that strong economic stimulus packages will be launched again to help the damaged economy, coupled with reports of success in the development of a vaccine or active ingredient, could soon make securities attractive again. As long as investors poke the fog in the face of the US election and Corona is up to mischief in the old world, the situation is likely to remain fragile. In addition, another smoldering disruptive fire lurks in the background with the Brexit question mark. To date, London and Brussels have not been able to reach an agreement.

BVB share forecast: These points are now important

The corona virus is likely to remain the linchpin for BVB shareholders. With the measures that serve to contain the pandemic and which are to take effect next Monday, it also means that Bundesliga games will take place without spectators. The derby against FC Schalke 04 recently saw around 300 spectators live on site in the stadium. Yesterday evening there was another ghost game in the home ground of BVB. However, worries that there could be game cancellations or even a complete cancellation of competitions such as the Bundesliga or the UEFA Champions League are cause for concern. Last but not least, the risk that BVB players could become infected with the coronavirus is depressing. The economic damage that Borussia Dortmund could hit in the last quarter of the year should also hurt a seasoned club.

BVB share forecast: technical outlook

The corona low of 4 euros from mid-March is now more or less up for grabs. Courageous investors could well venture back into the business if the pandemic situation in the old world improves. A technical break below the mental 4 euro mark could trigger further selling pressure and cause the paper to fall to the lows of 2015 and 2016.


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