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Car sales in Russia slumped in Corona crisis | message


MOSCOW (dpa-AFX) – Car sales in Russia have declined by almost three quarters due to the corona crisis. In April, sales slumped 72.4 percent year-on-year to just 39,000 cars and vans, the Association of European Enterprises (AEB) said on Tuesday in Moscow. This is the sharpest drop in sales in a month since the association’s records began, said AEB auto expert Thomas Strtzel.

The auto industry in Russia has suffered from stringent baseline restrictions on corona virus containment. Many suppliers and manufacturers had to almost completely cease their productions for many weeks. As of Tuesday, production resumed at some manufacturers, including Russia’s largest truck manufacturer Kamaz. “The sellers are preparing for the restart, but I don’t expect much better sales results for May,” said Strtzel, the Porsche boss in Russia.

The German carmaker VW (Volkswagen (VW) vz) and Porsche sold 68 and 63 percent less according to the AEB statistics. The Russian manufacturer Avtovaz recorded 71 percent fewer sales for the well-known car brand Lada.

At the end of April had Kremlin boss Wladimir Putin grants to the auto industry. The Russian car market should be boosted, for example, by discounts on new purchases, and state-owned companies should make upcoming purchases later this year./thc/DP/jha


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