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Competition: Apple vs. Google: How Apple Maps should rank Google Maps | message


Whether driving a car, sightseeing or strolling through the city – navigation apps are part of the everyday life of most smartphone users today. There are a number of them. But two providers stand out: Google and Apple. They have been competing for years.

Google Maps as the leader

Google Maps was particularly popular. In addition to the impressive change that has revolutionized the navigation system in recent years, the group announced further functions and features on the occasion of the 15th anniversary, which should improve the app even further. This includes, among other things, additional tabs such as “commuting” or “exploring”, additional information on public transport and the Live View function. Google’s strategy is well received by users: According to its own information, more than a billion people use Google Maps worldwide.

Apple is upgrading

But Google shouldn’t rest too much on its success. Because a competitor is catching up: Apple. With its latest update, for which the group has spent huge sums of money in the billions, the iGroup is going on the offensive. Similar to Google, the new feature gives Apple Maps users real-time information about local transport. Timetables for public transport as well as information about failures or delays can also be viewed on Apple Maps in the future. Data on speed limits or indoor maps for shopping centers or airports will also be available in the future via the new update, as reported by

However, the new function is currently only available in the United States or in selected German cities and regions such as Berlin or Augsburg. Restricted access was also reported by users, according to the tech magazine The iPhone manufacturer promises to launch the better map service. It remains to be seen whether he will succeed. So far, Apple Maps has not been able to convince the users. They kept complaining about the navigation app, which has been in existence since 2012. Due to the poor data quality and poor graphics, users preferred to use Google Maps.

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