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Corona crisis: hamster runners: Which products really hamster the Germans | message


Politicians and prime ministers repeatedly emphasize that hamster runners are not necessary. And yet many citizens are hoarding groceries and the like – the shelves in numerous shops are empty. At times, products such as toilet paper or pasta are barely available. An app has taken a close look at the shopping behavior of German citizens and has determined what has actually been going to the shopping trolley most frequently in Germany recently.

Toilet paper is not a mostly hammered product

The shopping app “Bring!” according to it, it is not the typical products like toilet or kitchen paper that one suspects given the empty shelves. Instead, the best-selling products are canned goods of all kinds. The sale of canned meat & Co. has increased by 2,497 percent in the past few weeks. In second place is potting soil. For this, demand rose by 515 percent. An increased demand for typical hamster goods such as disinfectants, soap, rice, flour and pasta was also observed. Sales growth here was between 100 and 300 percent higher.

Bread, milk and eggs are also currently in greater demand with at least 36 percent in addition to luxury foods such as wine or cigarettes. Healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables are also very popular. Especially apples, tomatoes and bananas are at the front. Toilet paper, on the other hand, only saw an increase of 33 percent.

Slackening of hamster runners

Of course, citizens are encouraged to have basic food available in times of crisis. However, the situation is not so dramatic that you have to buy entire shelves empty. Politicians have repeatedly emphasized that despite the closure of numerous shops, exit restrictions and bans on contacts, grocery stores remain open and the supply of goods is maintained. The flow of goods from abroad will also continue despite border closings.

Last but not least, hamster runners should be avoided because one should also be considerate of fellow human beings such as senior citizens or people with lower incomes. Federal Minister of Food Julia Klckner advised dpa that citizens “should increase their supplies wisely, carefully and prudently”, “then everyone will have enough, the shelves will be replenished in a timely manner”.

In order to ensure a fair distribution of products among customers and to avoid empty shelves, supermarkets have now also taken measures. From now on, products will only be sold in household quantities. In the meantime, however, the companies report that things have become quieter in the shops and that the “herd behavior” has waned.

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