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Credit card comparison – how to find the best credit card


Discounts, points and bonuses: This is how you save when using credit cards

The credit card providers come up with even more ideas to attract you as a customer. A very popular “lure” are the discounts that are offered to you when you use your credit card. But: Discount programs, point systems and other bonuses are not just “cheap advertising”, depending on consumer behavior and credit card usage, the bonuses in the wallet (and on the credit card statement) can pay off.

Tank discounts, which are available with several credit card models, are very popular. When credit card users pay at the petrol station with the corresponding credit card, there is often a fuel discount of up to five percent. After the payment process, the discount is automatically transferred back to the credit card account. ADAC’s “Gold Credit Card” could be of interest to frequent tankers, as there is not only a five percent discount at the petrol station, but also when renting an ADAC vehicle.

But not only frequent tankers can enjoy discounts when using credit cards, frequent flyers too. With one of the most popular customer credit cards, the Lufthansa Miles & More credit card, there is, for example, one flight mile for every two euros spent on tickets. There are also many bonuses when you pay with a credit card at Lufthansa partners. For example, if you rent an Avis vehicle, you will even receive up to five flight miles for every euro you spend with the “Miles & More” credit card. The accumulated flight miles can then be exchanged for travel allowances or non-cash rewards from time to time.

Customers can also save money on everyday purchases with the right credit card, often with the partner companies of the credit card provider up to ten percent of the purchase price. This applies to both shops and online shopping. Two examples: With a Payback credit card, you receive one point for every two euros spent on a card with every purchase, whether you buy from a Payback partner or not – the only exceptions are petrol station sales. And when you shop with an Amazon credit card, you get two points for every euro you spend with online retailers Amazon, and one point for two euros for third-party providers.

When choosing a credit card, you should pay close attention to whether the discounts, points and bonuses in your consumer behavior are actually worth it. For example, if you rarely drive a car, a high fuel discount on your credit card will bring you very little. And for frequent drivers, the tank discount may not be high enough, as this is usually limited to a certain tank turnover per year.

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