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Crowdinvesting – real estate investment for private investors


There are big differences between the various crowdinvesting portals. It is important to know your own requirements for an investment form and then to select the appropriate provider that best suits you.

Minimum investment

One criterion that can help with the choice is the minimum investment. The range here ranges from 10 euros to around 500 euros. The comparatively small investment amounts offer two advantages in particular: flexibility and diversity in investing. This gives private investors the opportunity to invest their money in several properties at the same time and can thus build up a diversified portfolio. In addition, investors can react flexibly to market changes and adjust their portfolio accordingly. So if you want to invest your wealth in a wide variety of ways, you should make sure to find a platform with the lowest possible minimum investment.

Investment products

It is essential to look at the form of the investment products offered. What does the platform offer? Only qualified subordinated loans with low investor protection? Or, for example, secured investment products, such as classic bank loans or bonds, where investors are reasonably protected even in the event of an emergency? Because at the latest when a project gets into trouble, it depends on which “safety net” the respective loan or investment form has available for the investor. Therefore you should know the terms of your contract exactly.

Trading place

If a platform has a trading venue, it enables investors to invest their money regardless of the term. You can offer your investment for sale at any time and also have the chance to sell at a price higher than the purchase price and thus increase your return. The trading venue therefore enables investors to organize their assets individually and allows them to respond flexibly to changes or deviations.

Interest payment

On some portals you get your interest due, elsewhere on a half-yearly basis. This can also be an important criterion when choosing a provider.

Are the taxes due payable?

Pay attention to whether the issuers plus the capital gains tax on the respective platform Solidarity surcharge and possibly Church tax for investors. This represents a major plus in terms of convenience and security: investors do not have to worry about taxation themselves and are on the safe side when filing their tax returns.

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