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Crypto Market Report: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & Co .: How Crypto Prices Are Developing Today message


The Bitcoin rate fell on Sunday. At noon, the bitcoin fell to $ 7,174.79 after trading at $ 7,260.04 the previous day.

The Bitcoin Cash rate fell compared to the previous day. Bitcoin cash is currently worth $ 238.88. Yesterday, the price was still at $ 243.75.


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The Ethereum course is listed with a red sign compared to the previous day. Most recently, the Ethereum stood at $ 187.76.

The Litecoin is trading at $ 43.13. The previous day, the price was valued at $ 44.16.

Today the ripple price fell to $ 0.1927. The ripple price fell below the previous day’s $ 0.1953.

The Cardano rate is trading at $ 0.0364. The previous day, the Cardano was still at $ 0.0366.

The Monero is worth $ 57.58 on Sunday. So the Monero rate fell from the previous day when it was still at $ 58.26.

The IOTA rate goes down to $ 0.1607. The day before, there was $ 0.1632 on the course board.

The Verge price is sideways at $ 0.0028 from the previous day’s level.

The Stellar rate dropped to $ 0.0502. The previous day’s price was at $ 0.0505.

The NEM price drops to $ 0.0378. The previous day, it was $ 0.0382.

The dash course has risen. The dash gained $ 79.70 after trading the previous day at $ 79.23.

The NEO price has risen to $ 7.730 today, compared to trading at $ 7.870 the previous day.

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